The Clarity of Love

divine love eraoflightdotcomWoven into the fabric of life is the unifying love that creates worlds and animates the essence of our being. As humans, we are embodied aspects of this same creative force. Gifted with self-conscious awareness and the innate ability of a limitless imagination, we expand creation itself through our thoughts and feelings. While our earth provides the necessary components so that we may explore our unique and personal potential, it is our conscious presence of love that is our real contribution to life.

Love illuminates. It brings lucidity, reason, rejuvenation, inspiration and understanding whenever we engage it. Our intuition, senses and experiences in life are heightened in all ways when we are naturally aware of love as part of our corporeality. Everything in life is sweeter and filled with grace and ease with the simple infusion and inclusion of love.

Although forever present, we seemingly have forgotten that love is who we are at the core of our being. In this amazing world where so many diverse elements come together to make up our physical reality, it is easy to realize how, over time, we unknowingly trained our attention to our external materiality. In the same way, as we turn our focus within, we restore love once again into our everyday lives.

Since love is interlaced within every moment, it is easy to bring it forth by our choice. In each circumstance, we can allow love to become fully present within our awareness. Just as sunlight illumines our day and reveals everything with clearness, love refreshes whatever is before us, providing a richer and vaster perspective. It instantly brightens and lightens any experience and introduces potentials not realized a moment before. Love nourishes, heals and renews in that instant.

Love dissolves discord, limitation and misguided perceptions in any situation. Like the lifting of a heavy fog, when we radiate love, our expressions of compassion and kindness transform the very essence of the experience for ourselves and everyone else. We rediscover and reclaim the love that is always present. This is the clarity of love.

Love and hugs,

Harold W. Becker

Founder and President

The Love Foundation

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