Archangel Metatron: Energy of Australia and the Event

archangel metatron image eraoflightdotcom.jpgGreetings everyone! This is Metatron.

Many of you have reacted positively to Michael’s last message. But for some of you, questions have arisen. I will attempt to address one of the concerns that was expressed.

A question that was brought up regarding Australia’s vast destructive fires was that of the “event” so to speak. The question was “Wouldn’t the energy of Australia be higher without the fires destroying their homes which would in turn help the collective reach critical mass to trigger the event??”

First, let me say that often although it may not appear to be so, a person’s energy is actually higher when they are under extreme stress. Think about it. In grief, people become very focused on their loss. They become absolutely one-pointed. And what is meditation? It is a continual focus on a single idea, object, person, etc. I am not saying that Australia’s fires manifested for this purpose. However a byproduct of this is that people all over the world have become increasingly focused in one direction–supporting Australia in stopping the fires. This has caused a much stronger unity of heart and mind which most certainly raises the energy of many all across your planet.

Now I would like to speak to the central focus of your question. First think about it. What actually is the Event as you call it? Many people have referred to the natural process of evolving into the experience of higher consciousness as a group event. In some ways, it is. From our perspective, there is a focus now in your dream, on increasing the light experienced on your planet in an effort to raise consciousness in humanity. However, developing higher consciousness is always an individual experience of growth, not a group one.

I say to you all now–each of you are experiencing a projection of your own subtle mind. If you put 30 people in a room together, then separated them and interviewed each one, each would have a somewhat different description of the room and what was happening there. So although there may be some similarities in the experience of various groups of people, each individual being is projecting outwardly their experience in every waking moment.

Truly speaking, your higher soul, although it may believe that it has taken form on earth, will eventually “wake up” and realize it was dreaming. Each of you are dreaming a very real dream that you have a physical form, that you live on earth, that you have a house, and yes, even that there is a fire in Australia.

So to continue, your concepts of “the Event” are simply projections from your very subtle higher mind. This is not your conscious mind, unconscious mind, or your brain. This is instead, a very subtle dreamlike experience created from your higher soul, to the subtle expression of itself that is you. When each soul awakens from their projected dream, they realize that they have never moved in their consciousness. However, they have absorbed a vast amount of new understandings and experiences through this dream.

So many articles and even books have been written about “the Event”. If you are resonating with that information, very good. Then this is what your higher soul is interested in learning about and experiencing in its dream. Some of you may even experience a large group of people developing a very high level of consciousness together because that is what your soul was interested in learning.

Ultimately however, each higher soul is seeking the highest state of consciousness which is union with Source. When they have absorbed a vast amount of experience both emotional and mental by having these dreamlike lives, they finally experience full union with their beloved Source and dissolve into that pure consciousness in which their entire experience is always Oneness.

You as human beings are already in union with your higher soul because you are simply an expression of them. You can focus on your limitations and humanity with all of the struggles that are inherent in this experience. Or you can learn to continually focus on the experience of union with the supremely high being that is you. You can focus on the details of your dream while forgetting who you truly are, or you can offer your service with all your heart in this dream but focus your longing and awareness on experiencing your own true nature.

It is your choice how you want to experience this life. Some experiences will be guided by your higher soul in order to answer certain questions that arose within it and caused it to manifest this dream. However much of your experience will simply be manifested by your own higher subtle mind.

You see, all of creation is layer after layer of supreme consciousness in various levels of contraction. You determine your inner state and future experiences by where you place your conscious focus. If you want to focus on a large group of people ascending to another dimension, hey–you can manifest that experience for yourself. But please remember that this is your subtle projection. You are projecting outward your experience of reality via your higher subtle mind. And although it may be very real for you, it may have no validity for another because they have been expressed by their higher soul for an entirely different lesson or to answer an entirely different question.

If you truly want to experience a much higher level of consciousness, drop your concepts. Forget about “the Event”. If it is part of your lesson to experience it, you will anyway. If instead it is part of your lesson to experience great disappointment because it doesn’t happen around you, then this is your lesson. Neither experience is higher than the other. It is simply part of you as a higher soul’s subtle dream projected onto a subtle screen which is then experienced as your reality.

Where you live as a great soul, you don’t have a house. There are no fires, no horrific storms, no severe droughts or earthquakes, and no animals or people dying. These are all part of your subtle, projected dream in order to learn. And what you as a soul wish to learn about is love and the lack of love, compassion versus withholding and greed, devotion versus narcissism, or perception of the light within you under various circumstances. The lessons you as a great soul are exploring are always lessons of the heart and the light. For it is through the experience of the highest love and light that union occurs between you as your highest soul and Source.

Remember that if you live near what appears to be a devastating event, by all means, offer assistance in any way that you are able. This is an important part of learning compassion. And while you are offering your loving assistance always keep your awareness focused on the divine and supreme light. That is home for every single one of you. It can never be destroyed. It will never be taken away from you no matter how devastating the appearance of loss on your world may be. Become absorbed in your love for that supreme, beloved light. This absorption in love will carry you through anything that your higher subtle mind may manifest for you to experience.

The light within you is an expression of Source. Although it may appear brighter at times or may dim at others, truly speaking it never changes or waivers. By becoming absorbed in your focus on it, your experience of it will grow and grow and grow. Eventually if you remain totally one-pointed on that light– you will merge into its effulgence. This is truly following the highest plan for each of you.

You are all manifesting your particular reality. Why not manifest the most exquisite, scintillating, glorious, and ecstatic experience that you can?

This experience of merging with the divine does not depend on outer circumstances. In fact, difficult outer circumstances may force you to turn more deeply within to the source of comfort and love.

Turn within.

Establish your loving focus on your own inner divinity.

See everything happening around you as an expression of divine consciousness.

Become very open to supreme love and the experience of its light.

Melt into your highest, exquisitely pure consciousness.

You are not a person watching or experiencing a profound fire. You are that fire watching itself. You are every single being experiencing events in your dream. And you are Supreme Consciousness.

Wake up to who you truly are.

Sending each one of you great, great love. We surround you with our support and compassion.


» Source » Channel: Sharon Davis