Civil War: Europe

justnews eraoflightdotcomI have been informed that the RV/GCR will start around the 11th of January, so I don’t want to mention the source as I don’t want to compromise anyone.

We know the Cabal is doing everything they can to stop the RV/GCR to keep the population trapped in this Matrix of deception, to keep their power.

I the attachment is a sound recording warning of the imminent Civil War in Europe.

In Germany all reservists have been summoned, police have withdrawn all engagements in order to be able to react if this attack by Muslims would start on the 11th of January.

This has to do with the treaty of Versailles because Germany would be sovereign around the 11th of January.

Since the Netherlands is occupied German territory and our political structure was introduced by Hitler, the Netherlands will be sovereign again.

The attack on the European population with millions of Muslims, who would be celebrating right now to start their Barbarian Salafists Party, makes people very worried about the upcoming period of war, because of the betrayal of the Globalist Elite and Soros Satanists in politics.

History has shown that the Bankers FED owners have planned everything in the past and present for these crimes, in order to set peoples against each other.

I can’t verify if the message in the sound recording is correct, but I think it’s serious enough to share this information.

Because the more people know about this, the false flag will be disproved by the Elite before they even start.

The Army raises the terror alarm over Europe, where Merkel, Macron and Rutte want to hit the population.

They want to prevent GESARA at all costs, Since US politics from the past (Clinton, Bush, Barry Obama) together with the FED owners and Satanist Soros are responsible for this, armies and people have been misled with a responsibility to stop this, because we have no weapons to defend ourselves.

» Source » By Rinus Verhagen