Adama of Telos: Shaping the Future Part 1

adama of telos eraoflightdotcomThe Journey,

Beloved brothers and sisters of light,

every journey comes to an end and also the greatest of all journeys – that from the source out and back to the source – comes to an end for every being.

We have all been or are travelers through time and space until we understand and grasp the deep meaning of this mystery.

Today we have reached a crucial point in our awareness: it is the moment when every being can and should make the choice for light, for love, for truth and for peace. This choice today has immediate consequences and it heals man himself – and it can heal humanity.

Everything is interconnected and today this truth is emerging more and more – you are becoming aware that everything emanates from you and that you are shapers and not just deficient administrators of your lives.

We – from the realms of Inner Earth, Telos and Agartha – took this step of awareness and true self-empowerment a long time ago and we are now living on the level of the 5th dimension.

We have transformed and overcome all low vibrational properties and phenomena – and we know how this decision affects us. We know what power the conscious step into the frequency of love and peace releases.

It is your first initiation on your way back to the source, an initiation that is free of all that earthly forces have conceived and that is of purely divine origin.

Careful handling of all that is

We in the innermost parts of the earth are shaping our future by focusing all our attention on the mindful handling of all that is. We value all living things: our thoughts, our emotions, our actions, our habits are free of all negative ego attachments. This creates our personality and character.

In this way we draw only light and divine into our life. By freeing ourselves from all negative stress, from our thoughts to our habits, or keeping it away from us, we are able to create an energy field that is unattainable for all dark forces – because it is higher vibrating. In this way we shape our future and we shape it in every moment.

However, we too take great care to ensure that – starting with our thoughts – we remain clear, pure and true.

Above all, the many visits to the Upper Earth present us with the challenge of freeing ourselves from what we experience among you. Dark magic, negative energy can also affect us and accumulate in our system.

Therefore, after a longer stay on the Upper Earth, each of our brothers and sisters goes to the Crystalline Temple of Light to free themselves from superimpositions.

Happiness in the love of God

Purity of thought and clear and free emotions are the most important tools of a being that wants to experience itself as divine.

We know about the necessity to keep our consciousness in a true state of love – it is our highest aspiration. We are conscious:

True freedom and true peace, the unity of peoples can only be achieved through the inner realization of the individual. This is the basic principle of every species whose happiness consists in the realized love of God.

To turn to this happiness in the love of God is what this transmission is about, because truly: What we have been doing for a long time, as explained here, is now also essential for our brothers and sisters on the upper earth.

What it is all about is: to shape the future through true work with consciousness and thereby to change or cancel the gloomy prophecy.

I am ADAMA OF TELOS and it is a great joy for me and my brothers and sisters from the realms of Telos and Agartha to stand by you now and serve you.

The whole earth is turning into light! Are you turning with it? Longingly you are invited.

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» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl