Adama of Telos: Shaping the Future Part 2

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Loved ones,

I am among you, in this place and at this hour. I have arrived with a great multitude of brothers and sisters – with my and your brothers and sisters out of the light.

Let us now move on to the new level where you, by determining the present, become the shapers of the future – for that is the condition for it.

It is this level that I will now bring closer to you, so that you will understand the possibilities that are available to you here and now.

First of all, point out the phenomenon that you can reap the fruits of your thoughts and intentions very quickly today.

The situation on the Upper Earth is fundamentally different today than it was a few years ago.

Today, intentions that are poor in light or full of light are immediately realized! Many people observe this in themselves and in their environment.

As a result of thoughts and emotions, good or harmful things begin to manifest themselves without delay.

This means that it becomes more and more difficult for the individual to hide his or her secret intentions, because on the stage of life today everything comes to performance.

What took centuries and the incarnation of many lives centuries ago, now comes to light in one life.

This is the unmistakable sign that we are in a great transformation process from which no one can really escape.

In this phase, the dark forces are beginning to reinforce the illusion that you are powerless and helpless at the mercy of the gloomy goings-on on the Upper Earth. Many people look to the future with fear because of the many revelations and the often difficult to accept facts that are now emerging.

Some are resigned, as they see no chance to counteract, positively influence or even reverse these goings-on.

Emigrating to your innermost being

“I can’t change anything!” This deceptive belief is now beginning to prevail among many people who were on the good path.

Nothing could be more wrong than this! Because you can change everything! How? By turning all your attention from the outside in.

If you are in danger of being pulled into the depths by the events of this time, then emigrate! Emigrate – YES! But where to? Into your inner being, beloved one!

There you will find all the answers and your strength for your life. There you can recognize who and what you are, what has brought you here and what you should do.

Strengthened by inner knowledge you can live your life and you will receive a basic understanding of the things that your mind likes to avoid.

Let us now consider the following truth: You shape the future by determining the present yourself.

But how can you live a self-determined life in the present when more and more is being determined about you? The manipulations are truly complex. So how do you escape and become self-determined?

The path is an easy one, but so few choose it. To become self-determined is to have the ability to look at life from the outside and from a higher perspective. But this is only possible if you go into silence and meditate.

Distance arises when you distance yourself from something deliberately.

As long as you function in the hamster wheel of this matrix, you are not really alive.

How to escape it? Through your absolute will, which means you have to want it with all your heart, then all doors and gates to knowledge open for you.

Why does the path of knowledge fail with most people? The fact that too little longing is set free for it, because so many of you still want to stay in the game on this earth!

What do you really want?

The important thing is to admit that to yourself. This clear view of yourself allows you to play the game of life well and authentically and you will reach the desired insights directly.

The most important thing in your life is that you deal with yourself honestly and truthfully. Recognize what moves you and live it – free, without guilt feelings and with skin and heart!

Beloved person,

You reach a new level of consciousness by living your life and not by fearfully avoiding every risk.

What you repress – bring to the surface, and what you really want to live – live! This is the only way to achieve individual growth.

Only in this way can you participate in shaping the positive future. The suppressed must be freed and the suppressed must be brought into consciousness! Afterwards freedom and a new life begin.

You realize that what happens on the outside is nourished by the person. But you do not feed “the system” any more, because you are without fear, without worry and without doubt – and from that moment on you are uninteresting for “the system”.

Through insight you automatically increase your natural vibration. Wisdom surrounds you and the light of God’s love begins to absorb every other vibration.

By opening yourself more and more to the Creator and by casting off your fears, you change the future. The dark prophecies will stop once you are free from the energies that cause them. The more people in the present seek salvation in their loving hearts, the more the future will have to adapt to it.

The future is always the result of the lived present.

You are to be diverted from this light-filled path by the illusion of fear. It is therefore essential, unperturbed by all the superimpositions of this time, to absorb the divine light and allow it to flow into your heart. Get involved and you will meet yourself and God.

Ascending means: descending into the realm of your shadows and entering your life.

If you change in the present, then you determine the future, because what comes is decided today, here and now.

We love you completely and in deep love we will remain with you for this new beginning!


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» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl