Divine Mother: The Releasing has Moved to The Americas

divine mother 1 eraoflightdotcomDear children on earth, I am your Mother God. The current energies coming to the planet are extremely intense. As the planet absorbs the incoming energies, the digging of the old energies and patterns are speeding up, and the releasing also is happening faster. Your Father has been trying to direct the releasing to some areas where there is a need. Of course, eventually, the entire planet is going to have all the old buried energies released. That is the design. It is just a matter of time.

What we, the Divine want to do now is to have the releasing happen in a way that serves the planet. In other words, where the planet is weakest, there the releasing will happen first. The planet needs the releasing so that she can regain her strength and get her power back. the Divine just started the releasing, And the releasing has happened in the Caribbean region. The reason for that is because the Caribbean tectonic plate is the most active right now. The region needs rebuilding badly. The ocean floors are totally damaged. And Gaia’s most precious waters have been abused for too long. Gaia wants the ocean floors to be repaired in the Caribbean. And that is why the release has started there.

Once the releasing in Caribbean region is done, the next releasing area is going to be in the inland. Countries that have had a lot of wars and killings in the past, have a lot to release. This time though, the releasing patterns may not be the same releasing patterns happening in the Caribbean because inland areas tend to have big populations and the density is normally pretty high. The releasing can be effective if it is weather related or human releasing activities so that the old patterns can be eradicated once and for all. Your Father already has the releasing started for the next area. In reality, you may experience the releasing shortly.

As for which area, geographically speaking, it is the American plates, in the Americas Where the next wave of the releasing happens. You may feel that is a vague reference. But in reality, when Gaia releases her past horrors, what the Divine sees is the tectonic plate or the continent. That is the reason why I say that the next release will happen in Americas, north and south, both continents may be impacted.

Due to the intensity of the releasing, Gaia has been carefully directing her releasing so that the damages can be controlled, and human lives can be saved. That being said, sometimes, still, the releasing can be out of control, And the outcome sometimes seems bigger than anticipated. The best advice is to be on alert about the releasing, and take an active role in your daily endeavors.

I love you dear angels. I am your Divine Mother, Mother of all creation. The reason I come forward is that I see some of my children who are having difficulties in terms of understanding Gaia’s releasing of the old energies as if Gaia needs to have a new body without repairing the old body. That is not the case dear ones. it is true that we will rebuild Gaia’s physical body and humanity will have a new home. However, Gaia’s new body will be built on top of her old body. We need to repair Mother Earth whereever there is a need till the whole planet is repaired, and she becomes a brand new planet. That is saying that the planet still is the same planet, but repaired. And the whole repair process is called rebuilding process or restoration process. every step of the way, we, the Divine and light workers, together, will remake the planet earth, Gaia’s physical body. That is why you see the releasing happening because before we can repair the planet, she needs to release unhealthy and damaged parts of the body and energies. Once she finishes the releasing, the repair work will begin. That is the whole restoration phase and rebuilding process dear heart.

In the next a few days, the releasing is going to move to inland. America continents are going to be next. The releasing patterns are weather related, or other natural changes. It highly depends on the area. My advice is to stay connected and listen to the Divine guidance. Know the releasing has to happen. Gaia has already decided the process and the intensity. Your Father is the one who operates the process and directs the releasing. It is coming. I love you dear heart. I am your Divine Mother God. Be in peace dear angels. I love you. So it is.

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» Source » Channel: Linda Li