Transitioning Into The Golden Age

bright new world eraoflightdotcomWe are moving to the Golden Age of the New Earth. We are not alone in the Universe as we share DNA with thousands of species throughout our Universe. Things on Earth are moving faster and faster towards completion.

More and more people are waking up to the outlandish lies on the ground. Many are not telling the story like it is and that has to do with the Cabal and the 13 families fighting over the planet. They do not have the highest knowledge and Hillary Clinton knows she will be indicted.

There’s a war going on between the 13 families using reverse technologies and they will be revealed and will not be able to hide what they’ve been doing. They will have to give up control, we are just about at the end of duality here on Earth.

Just like the Dark having spies, the Light also has spies that have infiltrated the Dark factions here on Earth. They have access to the plans of the Dark and they use that information to counter the actions of the 13 families and Cabal. Some of these are extraterrestrials in government.

Humanity needs to break free from the programming, programming has drained your mind and emotions to react in a certain way. So many are triggered by core fear programs which are so detrimental. We manage the planet crisis by raising our consciousness.

Social media is a great tool because it shows they can no longer control us, their secret is out. Together we will bring a Divine Galactic Government to Earth which is a stipulation in Disclosure. Divine government means we recognize ourselves as Galactic citizens. There will be no more Draco royalty, no Vatican royalty we are sovereign beings on this planet we all need to know we have that power. We have made the old plan of the New World Order obsolete through social media. We must acknowledge our Human to Galactic status and our connection to extraterrestrials engaging the human race.

We must start working with the Earth grid, ley lines and energy portals. This strengthens the Earth by dissolving the Dark Earth energies. We must start taking control of healing our physical bodies, cosmic Ascension means dealing with all the pain and fear, terror and loss we must forgive our past and detach from the old stories. The past is the past it’s gone…

Long ago we fell into density, our shadow side, that’s our past, let it go. As we raise our consciousness, as our DNA activates we forgive our past, there is no duality, no karma. We overcome psychic warfare, demonic forces and mind control. We recognize that we need to change our force towards wisdom and decrease ignorance and study truth. Connecting with your higher self diverts anger and depression that causes harm. Learn to self counsel…

We need to restore our balance. Each time you close yourself off from the highest energy you fall back. It is your job to keep the window open. Develop the positive mind. When you understand yourself it’s much easier to understand another. Sometimes things are very simple until ego confuses the situation hence, know yourself. You understanding yourself is key and maintaining confidence is very valuable. Clear the blocks and purify your instincts.

» Source » By Teri Wade