Judas Iskariot: Törnrosa(Sleeping Beauty)

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and I have come to continue our pleasant chat. As everyone knows, a stronger light shines on Earth today. A light that is capable of waking up what is sleeping, that which is hidden and has forgotten what it comes from. It is as if Törnrosa was awakened by his prince, although the prince in reality is the Source of all life. The cosmic rays that shine on Earth today have a transformative effect on all life on Earth. Everything grows and develops and continues its course in the cosmic spirals in which you are wandering. Within you there is all the potential you need to ascend into the higher spaces of your own spiral. By that I mean that the energy becomes lighter and the light more intense than what you are now used to. The power of the van can be great but it can be broken. The light that surrounds you now helps awaken the sleeping Sleeping Beauty and a new reality begins to be revealed to her. A reality that leads to greater joy and love in her life. Is it time to hit the big bell or was it maybe that love brought her to life again?

Yes, of course it was, it was the strong power of love that resurrected Törnrosa and it is no different from what is happening in the world today. It is the wind of love that wakes up all sleeping children in the world. It is the strong power of love that pulls away the veils from your faces. It is love that shines from the eyes of those who see the true reality and its God-given gift to mankind. There is nothing that can be raw on love if you let it into your life. Now, open the doors to the door of your heart. Let love take a bigger place in the heart, let it penetrate every nook and cranny. There is much that is outdated and can be cleaned out today. They no longer have any function to fill in the new world that has now begun to make its entrance on Earth. You help yourself and you help the Earth by following the love in your heart. A love that can be doubled, quadrupled, etc. until every cell in your body vibrates with love energy. It all starts with your own will, the will that speaks to … Yes, lead me, lead me along the path that leads you home Father. This is the path I want to go and no one else. That is what my heart wants today.

Is it your highest wish, dear Earthlings? Are you willing to hand over the baton in your Father’s hand and follow the guidance you receive there? There may not be a dance on roses, but your journey will be easier for each step you take in that direction. As you follow your inner guidance, a godsend given to you by your Father, all pieces will fall into place. Your vision becomes clearer, your mind becomes sharper and your love for yourself and your world grows. In step with the love, understanding and compassion that is now growing within you, the world will change with you. In the small things too, the big thing happens, it’s something you’ve always had a hard time understanding. But in the perspective that everything is one, it gets its explanation and becomes easier to understand and life gets a bigger meaning for each of you. It now becomes more meaningful to take the steps you see yourself that you can take and understand that what you do also has an impact in a larger perspective. Everything you think, everything you do affects both in the small perspective as well as in the big. It may not be experienced directly in the larger perspective, but still its imprint there.

Have I made it clear to you now, dear Earthlings? Everything you do, think and say has significance in your life but also in others. Be careful with your thoughts, feelings and what you write or say. Everything is energy and energy affects in one way or another. Train yourself with vibrations of positivity. Change your thoughts to positive as soon as possible. Try to find the harmony within you as soon as you feel the negative has taken over. You can control all that with your own thoughts.

Take command of yourselves, become your own masters, this is the school that has now begun on Earth.

Great love


Translation to English by EraofLight.com

» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg