January 10th Full Moon in Cancer

eclipse new eraoflightdotcomMoon dates are based on UTC, so there may be some fluctuation on the dates based on where in the world you are located.

Keep in mind that signs listed with the Full and New Moons may or may not coordinate with traditional astrology insights. Since I use a different perspective to consider the sign that the moon is in; that does not always coordinate with traditional astrology guidelines for what sign it is in.

The rebel energy will surface this full moon where people feel out of balance, and are not receiving proper recognition for what they are doing. There is a tendency to become highly sensitive about what is pulling us off course or disrupting the harmony that we are trying to keep for ourselves. It is not so much that our ego is in need of stroking; but people may be tired of not being appreciated for what they do, or having recognition go to others on the work that they have done. This can strike a sore nerve if there is favoritism; and especially if recognition is going to people that are not doing anything, lacking in integrity, or even supporting deeper agendas connected with abuse and mistreatment.

A Full Moon in Cancer is one that people naturally want to be easy going, peaceful, and a time of just relaxing with good friends. People normally want to celebrate any accomplishments that are happening for them, and to share their successes with those that are close to them. Successes normally surface where we are feeling at ease or confident in what we are doing.

This Full Moon shines a light on deprivation and scarcity patterns. It is during this time that we may feel a stronger sense of inadequacy or struggle. We are likely to see where we are being overwhelmed in meeting our physical or material needs in life. There is a tendency to want to be alone; and for some the time in introspection can be very valuable for making sense out of things from a soul perspective. However, for others, especially those with addictions or addictive personalities; it can create strong yearnings to leave this world, send them into deep depressions, or create a desire to escape through drugs or other addictions

However, this can also be a time for people to find their own place within a group. If someone is willing to take a true leadership role, and guide others into how to work together; then this can be a great time of feeling empowered. For those that are willing to step into this role with compassion, or with humanitarian organizations; success is sure to follow. The real success at this time comes from people finding out how valuable their knowledge and skills truly are; and how that can be a part of something bigger than themselves.

As we continue to integrate the pieces of this Full Moon people will have a greater interest in having spiritual experiences. It is a time where material things simply aren’t going to bring us the satisfaction that we are seeking. It is important that even if we choose to be alone at this time; that we do not go into those deep dark emotional spirals. Honor what you are feeling, but don’t let those feelings pull you under like a riptide.

When we throw in the added component of a partial lunar eclipse on this full moon; we will see the rise or fall of those in command, based on how wise the people are that they have surrounded themselves with. Part of our natural instincts to be alone at this time, is so that we don’t get hurt by the choices of others due to being connected to them. With the eclipse energy; this time favors staying focused on the simple things in life that are free. It can also be a great time to do a personal retreat and delve deeply into the core self.

I welcome you to pay attention to where your sore spots are, and where you feel a need to rebel. Where are you feeling highly sensitive?

I welcome you to know where you are feeling inadequate, and use that as an opportunity to understand where that is truly coming from; beyond any situations that are triggering that for you.

I welcome you to acknowledge your own assets, and know what you have to give in group situations; and take the time to acknowledge how valuable your knowledge and skills really are.

I welcome you to honor your feelings, without going into dark emotional spirals.

The Code Journey ~ Jesse An Nichols George

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