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The total abuse of the Earth and her resources are no longer an option. As a result, we are in the throws of a reformation, a reinvention and a radical revolution on how we live on the body of the Earth, how we regard her natural resources and how we value ourselves, each other and all of life. A deep sense of purpose is awakening in many driving us to explore and express the part we have to play in humanity’s evolution. This awakening is generating an exciting flow of new inspiration, new ideas and a whole new range of different manifestations that will enable us to build a more sustainable reality.

It is vital that in these volatile times you find ways to stabilise yourself while the old is dying and the new is being created. Recognise that you are here to make a difference, to serve humanity and the planet. Become more conscious of the active role you need to take in co-creating a new reality. Remember that change must happen for new life to emerge and thrive. To change the outer manifestation of life a profound inner transformation must occur. Contemplate the coming changes and the role you have to play in ushering them in. Be inwardly receptive and explore the essence of your own nature, your intuition and your interests. Go where they lead you. Trust in yourself and you will receive the subtle insights and messages you need to build a new life.

Be Receptive

Humans have caused a great deal of harm to the planet through the need to control and dominate. In the coming days and months we will be required to make fundamental changes to our lives which harmonise with the shifting energies of the planet. As we shift from an ego driven need to a more soul orientated society we will find healthier expressions of creativity manifesting in the world. Powerful shifts and changes will occur urging us to take action and recreate our lives using the principles of harmony and balance.

The incoming energies are accelerating as we head towards the Full Moon Eclipse on Friday. Do not get drawn into the drama’s that are currently unfolding as this will pull you in chaos and confusion. Use your intuition and inner wisdom to rise above any conflict. Be receptive to change. Do not remain stuck in the same old patterns and routines of life. It will take courage to finally let go of the past and move in a new direction. Do not hesitate. Move forward and know that the resources to support your change are readily available to you now.

Much love

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