Rinus Verhagen: GESARA Transition

independent media network eraoflightdotcomPeople who wake up can easily reclaim their souls from the Vatican for illegally taking your spiritual soul hostage.

For the contract to give the management of your soul to the Vatican is not valid, because at the time of the transaction you as a Baby were not willing, and your parents did not understand the deception of Humans and Soul trade.

The choice to write down your claim for your soul in your own contract, in which you demand your soul back out of human dignity, makes you free of an invalid illegally concluded agreement with Satan in the Vatican.

I will explain the purpose of this deception and human trafficking with birth certificates, which will also help you to understand why the Migrants grew around the world with a revenue model that the victims themselves may pay as spiritual slaves of the Vatican.

Anyone registered in the world, regardless of Religion whether Christian, Islam, Jewish or any religion, it doesn’t matter, your birth certificate is a unilateral contract where your soul has been sold to the Devil without your knowledge or consent.

However, many people in this world are not yet registered as they come from areas where this is not kept as in Africa.

So all Migrants, are registered and the Vatican pays a premium to the government where this person is registered.

Once the Vatican has bought these souls, money is created out of nothing, with the intention that the soulless slave has to pay the amount back to the Banks and the Vatican.

The amount of the amount depends on your innate talent, and can amount to €1,800,000.

Then here is €600,000 for the Vatican itself as life insurance, of which the Vatican is the beneficiary, €600,000 for the government that claims the slave rights, and €600,000 for the Bankers, of your degraded Soul that has been separated from you as a human being.

Do you see the earning model at the abortion of Babies, that is such a fast Satanic human and soul trade, for which the Elite get a commission, by the taxes that the slave working has to earn back in order to pay back the never existing Fiat money.

Whether we make something, work, or die, we are a very lucrative trade for the Satanists, trapped in their slave casino.

This Zionist Satan system cannot continue to exist because of the construction fault, because it implodes, because the birth certificates are traded as Derivatives on the bubble exchange.

What these Derivatives are said to have, but in reality they are, is a multiple of their statement of values.

Banks such as Deutsche Bank, have Derivatives in their books, but less than 3% of the equivalent value of their holdings to cover the fraudulent securities.

The Repo of the FED keeps everything artificially alive, because these Derivatives are bought by the FED with funny worthless Money, and companies can buy their own shares to make the value of the shares seem high.

This causes inflation, causing prices to rise, and the population to be systematically expropriated by deception over which they have no influence.

There is Life after Death! Because with the collapse of the Fiat Debt system, there is a revaluation of monetary value that sovereign countries can assign, and outside the Central Banks, through the QFS, reclaim and preserve their human value.

Why pay 89% of your creation energy as a slave to a sick system when you are sovereign.

By reclaiming your sovereign Soul that is part of you as a human being, you break an invalid contract, which you validate by signing it.

This gives you the right not to pay any more taxes as if this were an obligation in a non-existent contract with your signature, this does not exist; by terminating the spiritual contract of your Soul created by deception you are completely free.

Free Souls commit themselves more easily if those who are in their slave are so seized that they cannot commit themselves by not being aware of the slave problem.

I … Name …. claim my Soul immediately and unconditionally back from Satan in the Vatican, claiming my Soul as the only righteous man in the name of Jesus Christ.

All the accumulated rights and riches I have built up in my life as a system slave I demand unconditional return of the Satanic Vatican Bank as human beings and soul traders.

By this self-drafted contract, I break the previous agreement where I could not choose or decide for myself, thus severing the connection with the Satanic Vatican spiritually with immediate effect.

Has been signed ………………. Name…………

By signing this contract, you will have your Soul as Human property back immediately, and you will never steal it from you again against your will.

The result is that you have stepped out of the Matrix of trickery and darkness, you have made your own choice, which by force can no longer be claimed from the Satan system of the Archons.

By making you free you will realize that no one has more power over you, so that light will come through this awareness that has ended through your free will of choice.

The entire accumulated power which was worth millions of Fiat money per human being, in reality has no monetary value at all, but was a tool to hijack your Soul in order to make you a system slave.

Claims from a government to you as a human being are not valid if they cannot prove a signed agreement by you as a human being.

The whole Cabal system will quickly disappear with this, and the RV/GCR will be very helpful in recognizing your human birth right as a rightful spiritual owner.

This self-created contract can be made and signed by anyone, no matter which Religion you have been taught, to keep you in power through control of your Soul.

Those who come to see this no longer have any interest in a religion war to want to rule over others, because everyone is free and we form a spiritual unity of free Souls.

When weapons are forged into Ploughs, mankind will live in abundance, instead of surviving to serve the dark Cabal.

This gives more time for each other and the sharing of insights and talent, which in turn contributes to a future without demeaning conflicts such as Wars that have so far been created out of the greed of the Satanic Bankers, and humanity has been harmed in the past thousands of years.

The RV/GCR through the QFS will enable GESARA to liberate mankind from the current Satanic Slave-drivers from the Cabal structure.

By no longer giving the Cabal permission for their Satanic crimes against the world’s population, they lose the power, because of the deceptive rules imposed by them, to contract with your permission.

For the QFS, everyone is sovereign, so the Cabal system no longer has control over people with their own claimed souls as property without a contract.

Next Saturday, January 11th, Angela Hitler (Merkel) will come to Putin where the end of the treaty of Versailles will be discussed, and there will be a peace treaty with Germany to officially end the war of 1940, making Germany Sovereign again.


As a result, all native Dutch people regain their own sovereignty, as the system of governance that Adolf Hitler introduced in the Netherlands on 18 May 1940 would then no longer have legal validity due to the lack of a valid constitution of the Netherlands since 13 May 1940.

This makes the Netherlands a republic again, and the Fake King no longer has any rights as a demanding parasite to the Dutch.

All stolen riches belong to the robbed population, and must be taken away from him for his crimes, betrayal and deceit against the Dutch population on false pretences.

Contracts entered into worldwide in the name of the Netherlands are therefore not legally valid or binding because of this deception, since we are no longer a Country as a legal form as of 13 May 1945.

So all countries that are trapped on the Euro, and the Nazi EU are free and sovereign again.

The EU which is not a country but an unelected fascist governing dictatorship has no right to exist for us as free spiritual people anymore.

The Constitution rejected by the Dutch, and the French people, and turned into a Lisbon Treaty are no longer applicable to us sovereign people.

With the release of the welfare packages for all 209 sovereign countries, there is no longer a reason for all EU countries in Europe to be a member of the unelected NWO Nazi fascist club in Brussels.

By seeing the truth, and claiming your freedom, no one has power over you anymore and governments no longer have power over how you should live in their matrix, which we are now tearing down together.

The power we have together as a Free Soul, united en masse with like-minded people, has never again been forced into a Matrix, causing the Corrupt Elite to lose 1%, through awareness and rejection of their demands.

Where there is no longer trust, coercion can no longer be imposed politically by the Bilderberg Cabal.

I wish everyone a free future, in happiness, health and love with and for each other in the Golden Age is prosperity without the Cabal as a social cancer in human existence.

How we will grow spiritually and gain strength if we respect and connect ourselves as Free Souls.

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