Sananda: Courage of the Heart

yeshua eraoflightdotcom newDear brothers and sisters,

It’s me, Sananda, here at your side with outstretched arms. Allow me to embrace you and allow me to show you my unconditional and infinite love in God’s silence.

You loved children by the light, what I am glad when we get in touch and our arms meet again in the tender embrace of brotherhood and sisterhood.

You have walked by my side, through the trials of love and the suffering of the earth, my gift to you was to show you the true strength of love through the courage of the heart.

The love and courage that you possess within you.

And together we cried, prayed and broke through the illusions and barriers of fear.

We have walked side by side, wandering through dark valleys with the low burning of light in our hearts. Hand in hand, you and me.

Let me once again embrace you and feel how my love awakens the strength of our brotherhood and sisterhood and gives you the courage to break through the last fears that prevent you from ascending.

Let me help you, let me hold your hand and shine my light on you in your most difficult moments and show you the way through God’s grace.

The grace of God that is your own grace, the forgiveness that you give yourself when you allow yourself to love yourself again from the depth of God’s infinity, YOUR unconditional infinity.

I am here by your side, since the day we wandered in desert-lined fields, hand in hand as siblings.

With all my love // ​​Sananda

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