Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn; Total Upheaval of Structures, Massive Transformation

astrology at eraoflightdotcomOn January 12th, Saturn, the planet of: karma, obligation, structure and authority, comes to greet Pluto, the planet of: death/rebirth, power, regeneration and transformation at 22 degrees of Capricorn. Capricorn, the 10th zodiac sign, deals with: big business, destiny, mastery, the patriarch and social status. This is the first time these two have met up in the sign of Capricorn in over 500 years. The last time Saturn and Pluto met up was over 37 years ago in the sign of Libra in 1982. Be prepared as this one will be a dozy of: reorder, breakdowns and ultimate transformation.

Saturn conjunct Pluto in Capricorn is here to bring karma and it might not be pretty or easy to witness. If you have been ” doing the work” “showing up” and “living your life with integrity”, then this conjunction between these planets will reward you with tangible resources and structures for success. On the flip side, if you have been “running and dodging” “avoiding and manipulating” “scheming and lying” then this conjunction between the two planets will break everything down and it will take a long time to rebuild and start again. These two demand justice and integrity and won’t settle or stand for anything less. Ultimate karmic justice is being served; be prepared.

Saturn conjunct Pluto will create havoc amongst: government systems, big businesses and authority that have been overstepping their control and sense of order. We are already seeing this happening everywhere and expect it to peak from now till the end of February. Saturn conjunct Pluto is not playing around and due to the fact that both are meeting up in “forever” Capricorn, the repercussions will long lasting and serious. I like to think of Saturn and Pluto as the “planetary judges” that will leave no stone un-turned in the name of work- ability and justice. Prepare for massive breakdowns of structures. This might be hard to hear but truth be told, they were never built on solid ground to begin with. A karmic reset button is upon us and wherever 22 degrees of Capricorn falls in your chart is where you will see such transformations and re-order happening.

Natives born with Saturn conjunct Pluto are warriors with tenacious reserves and an ability to transform their entire lives ever so often. Speaking from personal experience( I was born with this aspect), once their mind is made up to do something, they give it 150% effort and don’t back down. There is a serious desire to make something from nothing and they are masters at sticking to something till it is complete. On the lower vibration, they have to watch the tendency to over power and control outcomes that are far beyond their personal capacity. On the higher vibration, they are the ultimate “comeback” kids who can tear down their lives ever so often and rebuild it back up with integrity and purpose. Their ultimate lessons are around surrender and allowing the universe to work its magic. Once they integrate these important lessons, they are an unstoppable force of power and success.

Saturn conjunct Pluto is here to breakdown structures that are long over due for transformation. While this aspect is intense and “full on” in nature, these two have a lesson in allowing us to be ok with breakdowns. In fact, its in the face of breakdowns where there is an opportunity to create breakthroughs. If we don’t acknowledge what isn’t working, we can never create what will work. Karma never loses an address and these two meeting up will make that very clear and present for everyone.

Saturn conjunct Pluto wants you to face reality and be prepared for whatever life throws your way. The two planets meeting up in the sign of the goat are here to bring: ultimate transformation to outdated systems, the willpower to make anything happen and the karmic justice you deserve.


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