Athena: Resurgence of Vulnerability

new light human eraoflightdotcomI am Athena and I have a message for you. With the increase of rebalancing energies, the divine feminine within you all rises again. This will be indicated by your ability to re-embrace being vulnerable again.

To love and to divulge of oneself requires vulnerability for both partners. Your world has been invulnerable for so long because of your attack culture. As this subsides, and it is, a resurgence of the gentleness of the mind, the higher, finer energies bask your planet in their Light again, and your people experience more willingness to become vulnerable.

Vulnerability is not the state that you have defined it as. Vulnerability is not the state you see as being at risk. Vulnerability is a state of confidence where disclosure is undertaken in an exchange of refined energies. Your people have re-defined the original term and distorted its meaning to indicate something that is perishable through fear and attack. It is not. Vulnerability is strong, it is wise, and it is progressive. It is not perishable through fear-based states. This is not vulnerability. That is fear.

Many of your terms have been distorted by your minds that could not embrace the higher frequencies anymore, and as these frequencies return to your planet, redefinition of your words must begin anew.

Vulnerability is sweet. It is mutual. It is the route to higher understanding of the other’s expression.

Your world has been so harsh for so long and the delicate richness of expression has been lost to you in your fear-based states. These higher states have always been available to those who forsake fear in favour of the expression of love. You see this in your old literature. Fear cannot eradicate these higher frequencies of love. It will only leave them out of your grasp.

Refinement of your minds brings with it the ability to express at higher frequencies, and in so doing, relationships will take on renewed satisfaction, interaction will provide richness to your lives again. Your heretofore fear of divulging your deepest thoughts will leave you as your world continues its ascension to higher Light.

I am Athena. I loved your world once and now I have returned.

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