Full Clearing of the Emotional Body

lightworker eraoflightdotcomFULL CLEARING OF EMOTIONAL BODY: I plan to explain the embodiment stage and energetic activation of: ‘Full Clearing of the Emotional Body’, as soon as I can. Full clearing of the emotional body happens TO EACH, from within, as a key stage of the step by step embodiment process we each traverse via our consciousness. An activation that occurs within via our own higher consciousness facet of light. No one on your outside does this for you. It occurs, NATURALLY, as part of each’s OWN process, an activated point of light, from within. Some have had this activated within since 2 January, and all will follow. So I’ll explain it more, if that helps?

I’ll also explain more easily what ‘Stage 2’ (it’s underway) of our collective ascension is, unfolds like. 2020 being the year each that have chosen to, activate to their Stage 2 VERSION of themselves. A NEWER VERSION of Human, that emerges gracefully from within. In order to GIVE that NEWER VERSION out in service to the whole. The older version of you, experienced in Stage 1 of your awakening (4D journey), is dissolved to become a blurred light-hearted memory, the more we experience and allow the NEWER VERSION to become and unfold as us. Gradually, gracefully yet still a surprise as we unfold within, a step at a time. It is THIS Version, each become, that IS the CHANGE for the world, kingdoms, universes. I have always known (was shown in 2013) we each have to go through the initial awakening process, dissolve the patterns, first, in order to become the NEWER VERSION that grows more quickly in it’s energy, higher wisdom, as SELF.

All above I’ll explain in greater detail after this current period of incoming energies and inner upgrades have taken place and are integrated. Remember, activations take 3 cycles of our Sun (3 days) to be fully absorbed into our physical cells, as we are doing this with the body. As the physical cells activate more and more crystalline ability.

Absolutely huge. So to just allow, relax into all energy as you can. Deep inner peace, stillness, being with the energies (as opposed to outer dream distractions) allows each to feel and see more, and experience these energies in a heightened state of consciousness, in this NOW, as they present. In other words, be present, to see, feel, hear the ‘present’. But always just a choice…no right or wrong way to be. Whilst I feel the significance of today’s energies and portal I saw open, I feel 13th January, IS a SURPRISE. We will see…

Amazing times, and amazing times ahead for you. So hang in there, keep going, everyone is perfectly on track by God’s perfectly perfect design. You are loved and so held throughout.

Soul hugs,
Amanda Lorence

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