Judas Iskariot: Transformation

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and the New Year shines with its glory around the Earth. It has always been there but now has a slightly clearer color. It is as if it has been refreshed by a still rain where the dewdrops are still resting.

Now let’s see what happens to you on Earth. Well, you’ve got some dew drops on you too. There is a quiet transformation in people today. Every now and then has got a shower of love’s raindrops and now seems like a revival to many others. The song of revival has begun to be heard all over the world, its drums sounding and waking your hearts. Listen … their rhythm, dance into the new wave of energy. Let it work within you and take you on a journey, an unforgettable journey where you go from one insight to the other. It is in your aha experiences that you remember how everything really should be and how everything belongs together. It is in the understanding of yourself and the life you live that the truth is revealed to you.

Truth, in its purest form, is only beauty and love. This cannot be misunderstood. Truth itself is not an earthly phenomenon, it is a heavenly gift and a universal law. It shows the only thing that really exists – LOVE. Love is all there is, love gives all life, love is what you basically consist of.

Now let love become your guideline in the future, dear Earthlings, without love you would not exist, it is love that lives within you and gives you life. It’s time to bring love out of your hearts and spread it out into the world. Underneath the surface is a loving sun just waiting to arrive and show all its beauty. It is the world that is starving and it is already here. It is here for you and that is the truth you will find. The truth about yourself, your own world of love. You just have to go beyond your own perspective to find the essence of truth, which gives you everything you need to save yourself and your world from the pain and fear it holds in its grasp.

It has cracked and cracked a little here and there. It has awakened various emotions and memories of the past. Some live out their pain and find new ways to go. Some have opened their hearts and sung the song of healing. A song that sounds throughout the world today and invites more and more people to participate in it. They have realized that only love and peace is the song that Earth now strives for. It is also the song that their hearts want to sing.

The people of the earth are now getting ready to sing the song of love. A song that unites those who are brothers and sisters. A song about peace, love and beauty for the Earth and everything that lives there. Can you hear the song? Is the moon something heard in the distance? Do you feel how it moves within you, as if you need to do something, but you do not know what … Of course it is, the gift of healing exists in the world today, it is only for you to receive it. The moment you receive it, you have your gift in your hand. Your healing has begun and that means that the healing of the world has also started. You redeem yourself with your world.

Be loving, spread your love today. Love that is just and is all there is.

Great love


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» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg