Pluto/Saturn Conjunction~Clash of the Titans

archangel michael 3 eraoflightdotcomAfter 2 days of that beautiful Divine Feminine energy with the Lunar Eclipse, I woke up today with the familiar jittery feeling. Oh well… just means that the energies are rising rapidly as we head into the Pluto/Saturn conjunction and alignment on the 12th.
This is a very powerful moment, so be kind to yourself and be patient and take care out there.

From Archangel Michael:

On the 12th January, the Sun is at 21 degrees of Capricorn and Mercury, Pluto and Saturn at 22 degrees of Capricorn. This conjunction, with Jupiter at 9 degrees of Capricorn, means that 5 out of 10 planets are in Capricorn just after the Cancer Full Moon. That is powerful! Cancer is the opposite house to Capricorn, so it activates these energies powerfully and lays the stage for the shifts.

Pluto and Saturn are both powerful planets : Saturn creates form and structure through time and Pluto transforms through breaking down form and structure.

This conjunction, illuminated by the Sun, may be seen as the “clash of the Titans” in Capricorn. Saturn rules Capricorn, so it is all about form and structure, but then along comes Pluto with its determination to transform by breaking down. Sitting next to Mercury and the Sun, this indicates powerful changes in how we think and how we express ourselves in the world.

So indeed, Beloved Ones, you will see a powerful tension as old forms and structures are breaking down on all levels, and this is being accelerated by Pluto’s influence, while at the same time new structures are being initiated for the New Earth.

This will set the tone for the third decade. Old structures collapsing and new structures emerging. Because the influence of Saturn is often felt over time, you may not initially see much, but the deep shifts and new codes will be operating to bring forth the new.

But, Beloved Ones, you will certainly feel these energies, and you may indeed find accelerated “collapse” of things that no longer serve you in your life. `This may be painful for some, as it will impact on the very deep levels of structure in relationships, families, communities and nations.

In the wake of the 22 degrees conjunction, many will begin to awaken as the illusion of structure breaks down. They may well feel alienated and lost as they seek for new structures to sustain their lives. This is where the work of the Wayshowers is important. Many of you are called to be part of the Support Teams in 2020. Your work will be to stay calm and peaceful in the chaos, to be empowered in your .lives and to guide others to self-empowerment and to the New Earth. This will be an exciting time for you as many new opportunities will open up in your work.

This will be the time to really move more into your power as Co-Creators, spinning Time Cycles and designing new realities. Some of your may choose to continue to work as bridge builders between the old structures and reality and the New Earth, while some will cross over to become builders of the New Earth structures.

Those who choose for the New Earth will be working with the Galactic and Solar Councils to create a New Earth in the Golden Field of Love. They will work with the crystalline Christ Consciousness and the Diamond Light to weave the New Reality.

» Source » Channel: Celia Fenn