Stoking the Fires of Purification

we are one love eraoflightWe stoke the fires of purification before we move fully into the alignment that heralds the change point.

We are already seeing the power and energy building as the unconscious world begins to dismantle. Everything is now fully making sense, all is so very transparent.

Bear your gift of sacrifice to the Capricorn Council, the only sacrifice accepted is that of the beliefs, programs, attachments to the old ways to be removed and passed over as an offering to support the new.
The sacrifice of our own, old, skin.

We are passing through the most highest of frequencies in this portal presenting.

Saturn, Pluto, Mercury, Sun and Ceres are before us, to their side there is Jupiter, Pholus and the South Node, holding the door open for those prepared to expand upon their release, assisting the preparation before each of us presents our truth, the core vibration we hold to then receive the stamp to pass or the refusal to enter.

We don’t get to fake it till we make it, only a fool would try
We don’t get to think our way through, holding unconscious vibrations of truth and thinking our way into balance using spiritual beliefs will be crushing to those who try, a gift, of course, of learning which in time, when learnt will only then be fully received and the gratitude can flow.

It is simple, the Aquarian Age is becoming more powerful, more aligned and therefore Divine Detachment to the Piscean Age and all that we created within must be free to pass.

What appears to surface as I mentioned in the ramblings below in the earlier report is the shame and lack is rising, the acceptance for flaws and the denial of perfection which is highlighting the intensity of self judgement and non understanding as to how this all works, I feel many will be receiving the denial stamp in this conjunction, to experience its depths through the incoming decade.

Again, this is a huge contradiction in the spiritual arena specifically as they speak the words of love but hold the truth of judgement, however, this means this too shall pass, although from the human experience it will create a shattering experience that we all will surf collectively.

This is why the keys are now shared to assist in the detachment and to offer the view of the observer.

Mastery in perfection

Today, before the first main event of this year, we have two HUGE ones in 2020 that really pinpoint the transition in Ages, the first is exact tomorrow, the latter at the end of this year when Saturn and Jupiter conjunct to move into tropical Aquarius in December, today we have a grand trine a power of Divine energy a template of purification to burn through as the moon in Leo, is trine Mars in Sag also trine Chiron in Aries, all within the first few degrees of their current sign coordinates

The fire is lit, and this trine will stoke the fires to shake up, the areas where the old skin is still attached, if you choose, of course, the collective loves their free will to stay asleep.

This is some powerful healing energy, energy that combines the feelings but now brings forth the action required, not the action of old, the empowered action that remembers the importance of the choice and that for this portal it can only be conscious, from the most highest viewpoint that is following the road that the Divine is laying out before us, or in other words what you, your soul, your light is urging you, manifesting for you, to take with grace and acceptance.

We will hear the cages rattle
We will hear the unconscious screams
We will see the ego dancing with its death mask already in place
We will feel the discord rise

So angels of light, we unplug from the presentation and we go deep within, and when it is recognised within each, we allow it disperse from there, we hold our fields in the highest of frequency, we experience nothing but conscious everything through our denial to play in the muddy pools of the unconscious.

And we allow any fear to be purified in the blessing that this trine offers

Taking off our muddy boots before each walks the red carpet to be Seen by the Capricorn Council.

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