Adama of Telos: The Triple Healing, Nerves, Blood, Meridians Part 2

adama of telos eraoflightdotcomWith this threefold healing much has been changed and moved within you today. It is our gift with which we came to you today, and it is a gift that we have long waited to give to you. In the coming days you will integrate and anchor today’s healings. Pay attention to your dreams and pay attention to your body awareness.

Be attentive to yourself and register what is happening within you and with you.

Your energetic overall state has been raised to a new level of vibration. To anchor it permanently means to do regular consciousness work – and consciousness work means to consciously perceive everything that is in your life.

For those who like to repress, who ignore unpleasant things or are unreceptive to their own patterns and beliefs, there is no development.

Healings are often temporary for such people, because every permanent change in the body requires a fundamental change in thinking and feeling.

For those whose lives are constantly repeating themselves – like in a loop – and for those who do not want to leave this everyday life voluntarily, all healings are limited in time. For whoever is caught up in old patterns is also caught up in old diseases.

A healing can be complete when you are ready to accept everything that is necessary for it.

Today this desire awakens in more and more people. For they come to the edge of their lives and they sense that only the steps into the unknown – beyond the known edge – can open up a new dimension of life.

Here and today we have done much and each of you has done much in yourselves.

Maintain this vibration, anchor the insights of today and remain courageous workers in the garden of your own soul.

Beloved brothers and sisters,

this year is coming to an end. (This message was sent to me starting on 14.11.2019! Note JJK.) In a time that is passing ever faster, clear decisions are urgently needed.

You are challenged on many levels, because the spiritual light from the center of being challenges you. Therefore, willingly accept the possibilities for realization that this time offers you.
Pay attention to your vibration.

Keep foreign influences as far away as possible and please deal with your unredeemed, dark and imperfect parts of your being.

They need your attention and above all your love. Then they are no longer a burden and they dissolve – like thick morning fog when the sun breaks through.

Dark spirits populate the Upper Earth just as light beings are omnipresent out of pure love. Foreign occupations are easily possible, but it is also easy to discard them. This requires your undivided vigilance, your uncompromising willingness and the omniscient light of God. Then everything is possible and attainable.
The new course of planet earth

In this cosmic game on earth, today the moment has been reached when there is no turning back. The clock cannot be turned back and the dark age cannot be revived.

The planet Earth is turning towards the light and its orbit is tending towards the sun at the centre of all being.

The planet has taken a direct course towards the centre of this universe and is clearly turned towards the light.

This is the sign that certain developments are no longer possible, but that other developments will become inevitable.

With each new day the earth is getting closer to the light and at the same time it is moving away from the darkness. This is a cosmic fact, which is reflected in the behaviour of human beings.

Some people are becoming finer and brighter while others, in the face of the approaching end of this dark epoch, are resorting to extreme means to avert the inevitable.

The following situation now prevails on the upper earth: It is the struggle in which the ONES open themselves to the light and the OTHERS lock the doors to the light!

However, time passes and the earth keeps on turning and turning – until we all arrive in the Light in a world that is like it, except that there is peace and freedom there, that truth reigns and that the Light and realized love dominates all the hearts of men.

We have often dreamed of this day and we look forward to our reunion with great longing. Your return is also an awakening for us.

For although we are perfect creatures, we are only complete through you.

We accompany you behind the veil that separates us, and then take you face to face in our arms, and today we prepare you.

The days pass and the spiritual reality of all life begins to reveal itself. God’s omnipresence becomes more tangible and the veil between the visible and the invisible becomes more and more transparent. It is becoming easier to perceive God’s grace and to understand His work in everyday life.

Everyday life is made up of miracles, but what good is it if no one sees them! Now your eyes will be opened for them and so the fear can give way and love can grow.

We of the realms of Agartha, will accompany you. We are one big family, and the bond between the people of the Inner and Upper Earth is being newly and firmly woven. Sometimes we take on a material body to assist you or to meet you, and sometimes we operate out of the subtlety.

We are about to meet and reunite. Our contracts are fulfilled, this journey ends and a new journey begins.

So let us close together this book of life, the history of this humanity. Let us open a new book and let us open the page on which human beings attain consciousness.

God is with us, God is with us and we from the realms of Telos and Agartha are always with you.


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» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl