Adama of Telos: The Triple Healing, Nerves, Blood, Meridians Part 1

adama of telos eraoflightdotcomHold on!

I am in the midst of you, arrived with an unmanageable number of Spirit Beings of Light from the inner realms of the earth – from Telos and Agartha. We take visible and invisible positions in this room.

We are now with you and at your disposal, for healings are to take place that support your becoming conscious and promote your awakening.

Hold on! For one moment of your life – stop! Then you can be given what your heart longs for and what the solid and the subtle bodies need.


Many remember, even more have forgotten! We are one single cosmic family, separated eons ago. Only in this way was this unique experience of a life as a human being in limitations possible – and we, we serve you as long as you still want to expose yourself to this experience in the seclusion of light and at a distance from God.

For please know this:

It is your decision alone when you want to return, and it is your will alone that can free you from the shackles of this time.

For those who want to wake up and see, the best conditions now prevail, because from the kingdoms of light every possible help will be given to you so that it can happen and you can make it happen.

The quarantine in which this planet has been for a long time is over! The spiritual light of the heavens is flowing to you so that you can build on it and heal in it.

No one can deny that great changes are being announced or taking place on the Upper Earth at this time.

The pace of change, both negative and positive, has increased rapidly in recent years:

– It is obvious that the Earth is changing and that more and more people are noticing it in one way or another.

– It cannot be overlooked that some of the great upheavals that had been announced have so far failed to materialize and that certain negative machinations can never be realized.

– It is unmistakable that people are waking up to an impressive extent and asking themselves:

“What is it that brought me to this earth? Is my life more than my body? Am I more than my thoughts or is there life before or after death?”

More and more people are opening up to these questions.

You will no longer be fobbed off with the explanations of religions or be reassured by a false faith. You want to know it for yourselves, to experience it for yourselves.

The search for light has begun!

The search for light has begun. Even though a very high number of people continue to sleep and consider the prison of their thoughts to be freedom, the number of conscious people is increasing with each day and their strength and power is growing with each day.

To be awakened means to perceive oneself as a cosmic player in this earthly game. All further processes of enlightenment are based on this knowledge.

More and more people are grasped by this knowledge – they experience themselves as part of a great game that is being played here on earth to expand the consciousness of all being.

Now this game is over for more and more people. The magic behind it is seen through and loses its effect.

The lives in ignorance are lived, the rotten magic is recognized. More and more of you are longing to return home and want to start the journey home.

Yes, you beloved friends, brothers, sisters and sisters, you will follow us into the dimension of light and you are about to do it with great steps.

With united forces this world will be brought to complete healing. Every person who is willing to participate in it will be strengthened in his intentions and will be directly guided in his tasks by the spiritual planes of light.

The fact that we have appeared in such large numbers today, that we are among you today with full power of light, fulfils the deep sense that we want to bring about deep healings of your bodies together. These healings are essential for you to live your life and fulfill your missions.

It needs your “YES, I WANT” and your willingness to willingly accept the work of your brothers and sisters from the inner realms of the earth, which is invisible to the eyes.

We have known each other for eons. Some of us, like you, have lived a life on the upper earth. We know what it feels like to live in a vulnerable body.

We know what it means to live in a maximally destructive environment with minimal access to our own light-filled vibrations.

We know how difficult it is to bring out or maintain the high vibration of light and love in a lazy vibrating environment.

We know how difficult it is to stay sane under these circumstances. All this has an effect. However, there are always effective ways to step out of this spiral, to free oneself from the pressures of this time and to move from darkness into light.

Trust is the first quality, devotion the second and longing the third. If you are equipped with this, the healings that follow now on three levels will be a true blessing for you.
The threefold healing

We’ll start with your neural pathways! These need to be repaired and reassembled where they are damaged.

The human nerve tracts transfer all impulses of the environment into your consciousness. If these nerve tracts are damaged, many things that have to pass through so that you can see, hear and perceive will not come through to you. At the same time, the blood is not transported to where it should go. You literally get cold feet.

Intact nerve tracts are the prerequisite for a clear perception of what is real. Foreign occupations also make themselves felt by paralysing or destroying nerves. We now want to address these circumstances with the effective methods from the Inner Earth, the realms of the 5th dimension.

Relax and let happen what is to happen now: I AM READY, YES, I WANT!

Your sincere YES from your heart is the task for us to begin our work.

What is happening now is that we are bringing together and connecting all the damaged nerve tracts through specific vibrational fields of light.

At the same time, any foreign matter that you release will be removed.

You will become complete to the extent that you want to become complete from the heart.

However, every person who is present here or who takes up these lines later will participate in it, more or less, but everyone is now the center of these healings – even if you may not be aware of it: otherwise you would not have been led here or to this message.

Healing your neural pathways:

The healing begins!


We begin by completing your neural pathways and nerve cells.


The divine light is at work and we are with you…


Love nourishes you, light illuminates you, God’s grace fills you…


We are one, an inseparable cosmic family…


You know me, you know us, you remember.


Now stay in this deeply relaxed state of peace.
Healing of the blood:

We now move on to the second phase of healing by cleansing your blood of all burdens with spiritual light. What is possible now is happening – with every human being in a unique way, in precisely tuned intensity and under the watchful eyes of your brothers and sisters from the realms of light.


Healing of the meridians

The third and final phase of these healings involves the human meridians.

Here it is important to find and dissolve blockages, to clear energetic impurities and to activate inactive pathways.

Our light works and we generate the vibration that is now needed for these healings. Everyone will experience healings where they are ready for them.

So this is a process that takes the constitution of the individual into account and therefore every person can be given healing to the extent that he is ready for it from the heart. We know you and you know us. The only difference is that we remember.

The light flooding of the meridian paths begins. Trust, surrender and open your heart to the grace of God.



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» Source » Channel: Jahn J Kassl