Archangel Uriel: It Begins With You

archangel uriel image eraoflightdotcomGreetings. It is I, Uriel. Since we installed the energetics of the Eye of Horus, a great change in the electromagnetic field of many of the students and you has come about. We are very pleased at the acceptance of these energetics and the willingness to begin to work with these energetics in this experiment.

As the electromagnetic fields become realigned, and the magnetics within those fields are brought into a more orderly state of functioning, you will begin to notice the static which produces confusion, doubt, and anxiety begins to lessen. Your ability to work with higher frequency energetic patterns and templates is exponentially expanded. Your communication doorways with us, the Elohim, the Lords of Light and many beings within the creative realm are opened. That communication begins to flow because those static, chaotic formats of the electromagnetic field have been altered.

The electromagnetic fields are around the physical body, within the physical body and around the Earth itself. This will begin to alter the collective consciousness on Earth and enable an opening to begin to take place in that collective. Consciousness can then begin to be altered. Beings who are still very much embodied in the third dimension will become much more open minded and willing to look at different aspects and concepts in regards to their religious belief systems.

This is the very first step that must be taken. It is taken when there have been enough beings who are willing to participate and to work with the electromagnetic fields within the physical realm to provide that opening to come into play. As your students begin to use the Eye of Horus more efficiently and open the pathways for that communication, then openings begin to occur within the electromagnetic field of the collective. Those openings then precipitate the mental body to allow alternate thoughts to be present.

This is what has been accomplished by you and these students in the last many classes. We continue on with this experiment. We bring in energetics through radiations of color and sound and a deeper understanding of how those function within the consciousness and within the creative process. This becomes very key in helping to raise and alter the collective consciousness on your planet. But, it first must start with you, individually, and with these students.


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