Divine Mother: The Planet is About to Release Some Ancient Energies

divine mother 1 eraoflightdotcomDear children on earth, I am your Mother God. The Divine and the company of heaven have been working with the planet and Gaia to make sure that the energies are evenly distributed throughout the planet. In the process, the Divine has realized that the planet has different makeup and the Divine energies which are coming to the planet right now are quite intense. the ascension Rays have been absorbed by the planet quite evenly. And as result, the souls on the planet are awakening and ascending nicely.

Now, in the last few days, the Divine has discovered that some regions on the planet are having hard time releasing the energies. Initially, It appeared that might be because the distribution of the incoming energies was in even, Gaia has a diverse physical makeup and maybe that is why.

Quite the contrary, what we, the Divine have discovered is that the reason the planet is not releasing the energies equally is because there are energies buried so deep in the core of the planet that Gaia has forgotten about them. In other words, there are deeply buried energies that have not been active for a long time, So long that Gaia literally did not remember them any more. The energies are from ancient times. Gaia had not been feeling them and that is why the Divine did not anticipated their existence.

However, now that the process of restoration has begun, Gaia and the Divine realize that these energies deep in the core also have to be released. The way these energies are released is different because they are ancient energies, with no reference point to modern life. They are here because the planet was built on an ancient landmass. Now that the landmass is being rebuilt, these energies are being dug out.

What Gaia and the Divine have decided to do is to release these ancient energies. They don’t belong to the planet in the first place. Now they are being exposed and they have to leave.

After consulting with your Father God, Gaia and the Divine have decided to release these ancient energies. They are coming up in a way that can be violent or quick. The impact can be quite intense and disturbing. The planet earth is going to make these energies leave as natural changes or even some quick big changes. The areas that will be impacted are going to be quite wide spread. A couple of continents are in the releasing zone. Gaia has been watching the process. She said that the energies are about to come out of the planet and the releasing is coming shortly.

Now, since these energies are foreign to the planet, On their way out the planet may feel different. The releasing can be quite foreign to the planet as well. In other words, because these energies are not something the planet is familiar with, then, the releasing of these energies can also be unfamiliar to the planet and humanity.

Just know that even though the releasing is different, it doesn’t mean that this releasing is out of control and the whole planet is out of the control. That is not the case dear ones. The Divine is monitoring the releasing process. The process is just like the other releasing processes. The difference is how the planet feels when the energies come out. Sometimes, if the energies are too different, the planet can feel threatened and that feeling can cause issues. The Divine has been emphasizing the differences of this releasing to the planet and hopefully we, the Divine have given enough warnings so that when the energies come up, humanity will have enough confidence to let the energies leave.

There is nothing else behind these energies. They are just ancient energies that are left behind. The Time has come for these energies to go home. They do not belong to this planet and it is time for humanity to allow these energies to leave the planet.

I love you dear angels. In the next few days, these ancient energies are coming out of the core of the planet and will be released. In the process, the planet will see a lot of activities – Nature related activities. Some are minor. There may Be a few disrupting ones. Regardless of how the activities appear, just let them happen dear ones. It is the process. Gaia has realized that these energies are from ancient times. There is no other way around. They have to leave the planet one way or the other. And now is the time.

Stay in peace dear angels. Know the ascension of the planet is going well. The Divine has it all planned out. Just stay in the heart center and allow the releasing to happen. Know it is for the sake of Gaia and humanity. The planet has no choice but to leave these energies behind. These energies are from the old civilizations beyond the earth history and they don’t belong to this planet. They have to go. Bless them and let them leave. I love you dear angels. I am your Mother Divine. Go in peace.

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» Source » Channel: Linda Li