Mercury’s Transit of Aquarius

astrology at eraoflightdotcomMercury enters Aquarius on January 16th (1:30 PM EST). Information and communication is detached, which gives you the space to view everything from fresh and unusual angles. This is the transit of looking ahead at what no one else has even considered, and it can also be a social time (Aquarius is the sign of the group). You can connect with others in non-judgemental ways, although Aquarius’ Fixed quality also suggests that certain ideas will be stubbornly adhered to. The other possibility is being the lone dissenter at the edge of the crowd, speaking your radical words.

Mercury in Aquarius can be supremely logical and innovative, and this combination encourages brilliant ideas. Open yourself up to odd and intriguing messages. Speak your clear truth.

Mercury will exit Aquarius for Pisces on February 3rd, but due to its retrograde (Feb 16th at 12 deg Pisces) it will re-enter Aquarius on Mar 4th, making its final exit on Mar 16th. I will cover Mercury’s reactivation of Aquarius once it enters Pisces.

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