The Sun and the Child: Flow

earth the one eraoflightdotcomThe child: Father, what is flowing?

The Sun: Flowing is freedom. Flowing with life is above everything trust in life just as life trusts you. Think unity. Flowing is knowing what you want from life , from you , asking for that and not being confined in that energy afterwards.

Life is so vast , you are so vast, why narrowing yourself when you ask something from Life? After you ask something , flow with Life, move with your day and forget what you asked for. Then it’s when you expand because you flow into the unknown . But flow with joy knowing that you are flowing towards your destination. And you can never get lost . You take for granted that life resides in you, with such joy with such love offering you its vibration every day . Life flows with you , life flows through you without interruption regardless of what you might think . Learn from life. Have you tried to interrupt life from flowing ? The most you can do is stop breathing for a few minutes. Even when one stops breathing life carries on flowing just hidden from your physical eyes. Life doesn’t listen to you but to the universal laws. Learn to flow with life to integrate more of what life is – freedom , joy, Love

The child : Father , How do I become more the Love that I know I am ?

The Sun : In the beginning do this simple exercise :

When you speak to somebody and they say something you don’t agree with, or you read something you don’t agree with or irritates you , or you think if it was you , you would do or say or act better or different in that situation , even if at the level of thought only, your automatic reaction would be that of opposing or judging or criticising , in that very moment , pause.

Pay attention to yourself because it’s “You ” you need to work on not your neighbour .

Try to remember that the other is thinking, speaking , reacting from his best timeline and most suitable ( for him) vibrational frequency in that specific moment . And he is also evolving through his expression even if it doesn’t appear so to your eyes. Nothing ever stops evolving.

If you try to change his trajectory assuming you know better you can cause more of the things you actually don’t want and fall behind your own initial high vibration frequency because you could not find peace in accepting the others expression and felt you had to demolish or convince them of some other truth or path they were not ready to receive . Also a very delicate equilibrium can be disturbed if we don’t trust that all is occurring and flowing just how it should be .

That is exactly the opposite of love . Because it is never your doing that changes anything. It is through your continuous transformation and release of the vibration of immense love that you are that things and people are affected . Every expression is a gift to ourselves first and then to the world. Offer yourself the wisest, most loving gift of expression.

So when somebody says or does something you don’t agree with pay attention to your reaction and your behaviour. That being is your master in disguise.

The child: Can you give me an example Father?

The Sun : You know yourself as a being of Light and Love . If somebody says to you that they love fast cars and you immediately think how vain they are and you feel sorry for them, even if you smile at them, immediately a judgment thought has been emitted from you and they will pick it up and others around you will do too and will be hurt . You will feel it too deeply in your heart . When they say they love fast cars they never think they would be perceived and judged by being vain . It might be that it’s been their childhood dream and they carried it along and they need to express it and release it with your help and if they happen to mention it to you and the best you can is secretly labelling them as vain that is not helping either of you in raising your heart vibration simply because you are not vibrating at love frequency . And you definitely not helping them to express or release that energy by resisting. That energy will keep being locked in there and with the thoughts you release you are helping it to remain so. Remember, any type of judgment is unnecessary. Good or bad . Love does not take sides.

If you really want to help them try to see the best in them even when they speak about fast cars for instance. You don’t need to say anything but the thought of love directed to them will be enough. The thought alone , will be healing them and the ones around that might be passing … and IF in that moment you are guided to express something in the shape of a word or a smile or a thought do it but know that it will come from the higher part of you.

This is how you become more and more the Love that you truly are …

Channel: Mia Pal

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