The Angels: Seek and Therefore Find

the angelics eraoflightdotcomMy dear friends, we love you so very much,

Take a breath. Pause. For a moment, just look around and witness the goodness all around you. Notice areas of stillness and peace. Notice the sky above. Notice the ground below. Notice the comforts in your life – your clothing, your home, your bed, and the food that you eat. Think about the kind people on this earth. Think about the people working to create a better life and a better world. Think about the flowers that blossom for you joy and the birds that sing to remind you to give thanks for life and its glorious cycles. If you are willing to see, then everywhere you look you can find evidence of love.

You can live in peace in the midst of the world’s chaos. You can enjoy abundance in a world that fears and focuses on lack. You can allow your heart to well up with the joy of life while others look for reasons to be miserable.

In this world of contrasts, why not choose to place your attention on what is good, beautiful, true, and inspiring… to you? Why not look at the good in human hearts, rather than searching for their flaws? Why not look at the areas in which you feel abundant, rather than focusing on the areas in which you feel lack? Why not notice the good things about your own body, rather than focusing on its so-called, perceived flaws?

Dear ones, “Seek and ye shall find,” means quite literally that what you choose to focus upon you will continue to find. Seek reasons to feel lacking and you will find more lack. Seek reasons to feel abundant and you will experience more abundance. Seek reasons to feel upset at the world’s politics and you will go down that path and find ever increasing reasons to be upset. Alternately you can seek reasons to feel inspired by the good deeds of humanity and therefore see more of those. Focus on the goodness and beauty within yourself and you will draw more of that to the surface as well.

Life is a buffet. You will like some of its offerings and others you will find utterly repulsive. Nonetheless all offerings of life give you the contrast you require to further define your individual point of view. Life’s offerings show you more clearly who you are and who you are not. They “buffet of life” gives you an opportunity to continue along the path you are on, or to create a kinder reality. All of life’s offerings are given to you as “classrooms” in which you can choose to learn and grow.

There was never meant to be “one right way ” More than ever before, it is time to embrace this truth – live and let live. Those in natural disasters have chosen, at a deep soul level, to learn from such experiences. Those in utter peace in the “house on the hill” have chosen to learn from those experiences. Within every given situation the souls involved have chosen, at deep levels, the so-called “walls of their classrooms” here upon the earth in which they will grow in the areas they wish to evolve. While some classrooms might seem harsh and difficult and others more exalted, they are, nonetheless, at a deep level, choices of all souls involved.

Suppose before you came into this life you wanted to learn what is of real value in this life. You might choose to be very rich and discover that what you truly value isn’t stuff but rather the people in your life. Alternately you might choose to be very poor, and discover that you find precious joy in love and community. Although the exterior “classrooms” look very different, the growth is very similar. You can never judge one life to be “right” or “wrong” unless you know, deep down, what the soul is striving to achieve.

What matters then, is not what the world around you is doing, but rather what you are doing. Let others make their own choices. Grant yourself the right to make choices in alignment with your own truth, your own joy, and your own hopes and dreams. In allowing yourself the freedom to be who you want to be, and to live as you choose to live, and focus upon that which you seek, you will learn what you came to learn here upon this earth. In that reality, it is easy to grant others the very same freedom. In that reality, you find true, deep, and everlasting peace.

God Bless You! We love you so very much.
— The Angels

» Source » Channel: Ann Albers