As We Enter the Cycle of Destruction We Make Room for Rebirth

earth the one eraoflightdotcomThe energies of ascension are external, yes, but are activated by the internal state of awareness and balance.

We are seeing major instability on our planet right now in the economic, social, political, environmental, geological and energetic realms on a scale that is unprecedented.

Never before in human history have we been in such a unique space, primed for explosive growth and activation.

The reasons we are seeing so many wild swings on so many different levels is simply the human awakening we are all undergoing, including everyone who seems to be the exact opposite of “awake”.

Systematic generational traumas, never ending wars, brainwashing our children, chemical poisoning and borders containing free flow and connection in isolated pockets have created the systems we see on the physical.

As humanity begins to focus on the etheric realms, cleansing the reasons why these systems exist, the foundations of those systems begin to destabilize inside of the collective creative grid that powers our reality.

We have moved into a space of unlimited potential and growth, we are collectively waiting for the catalyst to ignite.

So much of what was “permanent” has shown us it was in fact, insubstantial. Intangible.

This is a deeply personal process, yet adds so much momentum to the collective awakening.

As we see the physical systems becoming more unstable and wildly swinging from polarity to polarity, recognize the deep, fundamental truth of all of this.

By healing yourself, by healing your genetic line, you are the one who is causing this.

As we enter the cycles of destruction, creating room for rebirth, take responsibility for what you are doing. It is magnificent. It is beautiful. It is SO important, even if you feel like you are doing nothing to help humanity. Helping yourself is helping all of us.

I am honored to be here, so grateful.

2020 is going to change everything.

I mean, we are less than a month into it and it already has….

I see you Starseeed. I see you Old Soul.

Thank you so much.

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