White Eagle: Stand in Your Power

bright new world eraoflightdotcomI’m called White Eagle.

Many earthlings see me as an Indian chief wearing white clothes, others as the white eagle. Here, where my I am, does not exist as you understand physical bodies as with you, only a white crystal light. Nevertheless, I am strongly connected to your planet Earth / Gaia because I have also lived physically there. I am at your service, through the crystalline white light to help you gather your collected wisdom.

You have all lived as indigenous people in some incarnation, some of you in many lifetimes. You have been everything from Aborigines and Hopi Indians to Black feet, Incas, and Aztecs in the Maia culture to name a few. You have lived in symbiosis with your Mother Earth and also your Father Heaven. You have honored and respected the animals and nature that have given birth to you. You have gathered, hunted and fished, but constantly with a reverence, humility and gratitude for your gifts from Gaia. You have been in contact with the Supreme as well as with me and other beings.

Feel my energies, feel the crystalline Light that I send to you all on Earth. If that helps you visualize the white chieftain or white eagle. Receive the crystalline healing that awakens in your bodies the wisdom that you have carried in your heart for so long. It’s time now to open the memory bank.

It is time now, it is harmless now for you to stand in your full power. Nothing can stop you anymore or scare you into silence or submission. You are all men and women, chiefs with great power, wisdom, knowledge and wisdom. It’s time to remember, put on your eagle’s white feather duster and see everything from above. Realize that the spectacle / illusion is over and enjoy the Love you had as a resident and also now have. The great Love of the One / Creator, Mother and Father God as well as Gaia.

Let everything on Gaia get rid of the illusion in this moment. It is NI that changes, it is your wisdom that sets everything in motion. I, as I said, are happy to serve you whenever you ask me for the crystalline healing that transforms everything, in this Gaia’s wonderful development, the metamorphosis that takes her back to her origins with her people.

I’m White Eagle.

Receive My Love Dear Friends.

Translation to English by EraofLight.com

» Source » Channel: Kerstin Sisilla