Welcome to Zero Point

universe reflection eraoflightdotcomWhat a dramatic prelude to 2020 has played off these first few weeks of January, since we moved thru the eclipse portals and the time-collapse 0-point convergence on 12/13th of January…. time-out, black-holes and a catapult pole reversal that has realigned us with our new trajetories, new purpose and relentlessly has pulled up a lot of collective as well as individual fears, anxiety, depressive states, all shaken up in a cocktail of bliss and states of ecstatic joy…. but there has also been this sense of purposeless-ness in the air, as we have been stripped down to the core and been cut off from our old trajetories… so that we have been and still are forced to re-set our inner compass and let go of all old structures, beliefs, tools and ways of approaching things.

When you surrender fully and open up to the new, you will most likely be taken by “storm”… personally I suddenly found myself like in an avalanche that overran me, but in a positive way and pushed me forward with the speed of light, that I could hardly keep up… I got so productive and creative, that I stayed up several nights till 2 and 3 am … well almost worked round the clock to keep up with all that happened and asked to be done…. I had simply commited and said yes and this all kicked-off and I have been riding these waves of joy with an immense clarity… I am experiencing that my spiritual siddhis have improved massively to a whole new level… beyond the beyond…. a super sensitivity and a crystal sharp clarity and cognizance has set in. But before all this set in I had this feeling of being complete here… and sort of what´s the point… a sense of lack of purpose, which lasted some weeks started mid or by the end of December… However I am familiar with that, because I have experienced it a couple of times before.. last time was by the time of the end of the mayan calender in 2012… it set in way before the Dec 21st… but was leading up to it. So this is what happens when you come full circle and timelines collapse and you enter a transition zone….. where you are neither here, nor there…. so you may feel very uncomfortable in this void… unless you are aware of what is taken place.

As long as you are in this void, you must simply surrender and be present with what is… you may see your old life fade away… even go thru a pastlife review and feel sorry and a deep sadness, however if you remind yourself, that this is just the collapsing of the old, you can navigate this transition zone with confidence and in the inner knowing something brand new is already in the making, so it is a matter of you saying yes and jumping on the fast moving “train” when it comes to pick you up and brings you onto your new trajetory… important is to letting go and allowing yourself to be stripped to the core to become an empty cauldron and from this state of being, you can become an instrument of divine will and embark on the new leg of your soul plan and suddenly you will discover your new purpose, as things will start to become revealed to you. You must be ready to die to be reborn, you must allow all that no longer serves you to fall apart and into divine order. And you will find a whole new clarity free of your old story and the limiting mind-set of your old identity… a new freshness comes with this change of trajetory, as you now has arrived in zero point and will suddenly see and access your full potential… it may be immediately accessible or it may be revealed and activated in the pace you allow it and feel comfortable with it… trusting is the key… all will be orchestrated by your soul to your highest good. You will finally find perfection in simply being you. So keep in mind that this is a transition phase, wherever you are right now, that you need to go thru to get to your true destination and by surrendering you will realise that you have already arrived. Welcome to Zero-point.

~ Grace Solaris

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