Divine Mother: Planet Earth Now Officially has Guardian Parents in Place

divine mother 2 eraoflightdotcomDear children on earth, I am your Mother God. The planet, right now, is in such a vulnerable situation due to the planetary ascension and the state of human consciousness. I have decided to make the planetary ascension an urgent affair over everything else. We, the Divine have come to a conclusion that we need to move forward with the Divine plan. The planet needs to move upward. The Divine and light workers have to work harder. Together, we need to get Gaia and planet earth to a higher level of existence and that is urgent.

Regardless where you are, what you see is chaos dear ones. That is the state of the affairs on planet earth and the planet herself has no more strength to uplift herself. The children of Gaia, too, are in state of chaos. Gaia has pleaded to the Divine to rescue the planet and her children. That is why you dear ones are here. We have come to help Gaia and her children. We are here now, and the situation on the planet is still very severe. We, the Divine and the company of heaven, have decided to further the Divine plan and the time is now.

The Divine plan for the foreseeable future is that we will bring the planet and humanity to a level of existence that does no harm to the planet and humanity itself. Currently, the consciousness of the planet and humanity is harmful. It is harmful for the planet and it is harmful for humanity at large. It is dangerous to have this kind of collective consciousness for a planet with this size. And it is very concerning to the Divine and it has to change fast.

Your Father God has a plan which has already been implemented, of which I have spoken. The plan is to have the Divine government to come online. The Divine is going to come and start to lead Gaia’s ascension effort. The Divine has come to the point where there are no other options other than coming in and starting the leadership role. Your Father is going to be the leader. He has the total authority. He needs that authority for a planet in such a dismay. He has decided to bring his total authority to the planet and that has been done. Now, your Father God has the Universe here, with him. He is now ready dear ones.

Now, what that means to you dear children on earth, is that from this point on, every soul on the planet will have to respect the Divine and your Father God. It is law now. Every soul on the planet needs to behave according to the Divine laws. Any planet in the universe has guardian parents and the souls are required to obey their guardian parents. The planet earth did not have that system in place. But now, the guardian parents of planet earth are being installed and the guardianship has started working. The guardians of the planet earth are your Divine parents, your spiritual Mother who gave birth to your spirit, and the Father God is the guardian Father of the planet. In other words, me as the Mother God is the Guardian so is the Christ, the God Father, together, we are the Guardian parents of the planet earth. And from this point on, any offensive behaviors toward the guardian parents will offend the spiritual laws and consequences will follow. That is the news.

Now, as the Divine Mother and the Mother of all creation, I have been personally abused by the souls on the planet for as long as I have been here. That has always been a bother to me as the Mother of the souls. Even after the souls being warned, still, offensive behaviors have never stopped, to the point that the Divine has to stop everything else, and to correct the behaviors. That has never been heard of in the higher realms. Souls in the higher realms know that there are spiritual laws in place and these laws are there to guide the souls to behave well. Souls have a obligation to obey the laws and respect their spiritual parents. There is no such thing called behaving badly toward the Divine parents. No such offense exists.

On earth though, even the advanced souls who, sometimes, forget who they are, and once that happens, tragedy strikes. These souls tend to behave badly. Partially it is because they have strong energies and very often, stronger egos developed, and the strong ego makes them very “brave”. They no longer see themselves as spiritual beings. In their mind, the ego mind, there is nothing on the planet that should be in their way as they pursue their desires and power. These souls are the ones who have created chaos for the Divine and the planet. And they have no intention to end their pursuit. That is why we, the Divine have decided to come and it is time for the ego games to end. The planet has had enough. Gaia cannot stand these ego games any more. And we, the Divine have to stop these ego games and stop further damage.

I love you dear angels. I am your Divine Mother. This is a monumental moment in human history. Your Divine parents have arrived. Your Father and I are officially the guardians of the planet earth, and we have arrived. From this point on, the laws have forever changed. The planet earth has her guardian parents and that day has begun. Your guardian parents will forever protect this planet and the souls on the planet. We are the Divine parents of all souls across the planet and human race. It doesn’t matter who or where the soul is, you have your Divine parents with you now. I love you dear angels on earth. I am your Mother Divine. Peace be with you all.

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» Source » Channel: Linda Li