Perfectly Plan Your Backpacking Trip With These Tips

sharewhatyouknow eraoflightdotcomAre you an eager traveler who likes to go on adventures? Are you passionate about camping, hiking, and discovering new locations? If your answer is yes, then you should be a backpacker who enjoys learning new things and meeting new people; what’s not to enjoy about that anyway? Backpacking trips are such fun; you get introduced to new cultures and learn about their lifestyles and how different they are compared to your own way of living.

Planning such trips, however, can get exhausting and daunting, but if you familiarize yourself with the following tips, planning backpacking trips will become a breezy task.

Pick your destination

Spin the globe and place your finger anywhere on it. Wherever your finger points, that is your destination. This is something experts can do for fun. However, if you’re a beginner, you’d best choose a familiar place to start with. You can start with Colorado since it is close, if you’re located in the USA, and has an amazing spot perfect for backpacking called the Rawah wilderness. Many people consider backpacking in the Rawah wilderness a fascinating adventure that should top any traveler’s bucket list. It is incredibly terrific, which makes it a stop that every backpacker should head to. The daring vibes you will get from this place is worth all the planning and effort.

Study where you’re going

One of the most annoying things that can ruin your trip is not knowing the weather of your destination. It should be the first thing to check; you’ll want to know whether you’re taking light clothes with you or putting all your jackets and sweaters on. A lot of people think June is hot and summery everywhere around the world, but that is not the case. Countries like Argentina tend to have winter in June, so you need to be informed of the weather. Also, you don’t want to miss any events or carnivals that are held in the country you’re backpacking in. Thus, when traveling, you should browse everything about the place you’re visiting to make sure you book tickets some time ahead.

Travel light

Once you plan to go on a backpacking trip, you’ll immediately think of your travel backpack, which is a wise thing to do. Your excitement, however, should not load and jam-pack it. It’s best to start with a good-quality backpack that is going to endure any extreme conditions you may face; also, make sure it’s not one of those huge ones that strain your back. A medium-sized backpack would be great and enough to take only what you need, instead of stuffing it with unnecessary items that are going to be a hindrance.

Make a packing list

After studying the place you’re heading to and purchasing a reliable backpack, all that is left to do is to pack. According to how long you’re staying and the weather at your destination, you can pack the necessary clothes you will need. There is no need to go to fancy on a backpacking trip and fill your bag with gadgets like tablets or laptops unless they’re extremely important to take. Also, try to make it easy on yourself and categorize your belongings; you don’t have to fully unpack every time you need something from your bag. A sleeping mask, comfy pillow, and noise-canceling headphones should not slip your mind when packing.

Ensure all bookings

As soon as you confirm when exactly you’re traveling, you should start booking anything that needs to be reserved, starting with your flight. You can look up some websites that show different categories and ticket prices and book the most suitable flight for you. If you’re not tied to certain dates, you can book the days with the cheapest tickets. Also, if you’re planning to attend special events or concerts, make sure you book their tickets as well to ensure that your place is reserved. Don’t forget to book the hotel you’re staying in too; you can specify exactly how many days you want to stay, or you can be spontaneous about the duration you’re spending there.

Going on backpacking trips is such an exciting experience; what is better than discovering places and making new friends? It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or an expert; you still get to enjoy the amazing sights and go on adventures that introduce you to a whole new world. That is why you should take all the time you need to plan such trips because it can be hectic to juggle everything. The tips that we mentioned above shall make planning backpacking trips easy and fun, so make sure you follow them.