Judas Iskariot: The Journey Home

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI’m Judas and it’s been a while since you started this journey. The journey that will eventually lead you home to yourselves. Eventually .. we will be there soon, I hear some say. Yes, maybe it depends on how much you want it and how well you master your mind ie your thoughts and feelings. You have a voice within you, a voice that calls for you, a voice that reminds you of what steps to take to find your way home again. These steps can be both difficult and easy depending on what experience you have, and how it triggers your emotional life and your thoughts. The power of the van can be great and you may not even notice that you are walking in the same old wheel tracks as you always have. The deviations may look large, but in fact small, as they result in the same wheel track being fixed in a different way. It is when you stand next to the wheel tracks that you get a different perspective on your life. You shape your thinking into a higher vision, with a brighter and clearer picture of the reality you live in. It is not visible in the old wheel tracks, you need to leave them to see the true reality. The reality that remains within you and is now so eagerly trying to get your attention.

It is time for all of you to listen inward to the true voice in the depths of your soul. It echoes throughout the world today and urges the world’s people to follow it, for Mother Earth has listened and begun to take its first steps into the light. It is this light that many souls have now begun to perceive and they have begun to follow in her footsteps. That is why a lot of darkness is now being forced up to the surface. That is why the struggle exists within every human being today. What should she choose? Should she continue to sleep or is it best to perhaps wake up … dare I meet myself? Am I ready ..?

Sure, you’re ready, dear Earthlings. You have been through most of the thousands of lives you have lived on Earth. Your soul has by this time grown out of children’s shoes and now wants to shoulder another mantle of love and protection for all living so that it can again enter the light regions to which it belongs and has always belonged. You leave a lower dimension for a higher one and so it continues step by step now into lighter tones or higher energy vibrations. In the highest energy vibration in the Universe, you vibrate with God or the Source of all that is. You are no longer in physical form but you are just…. just as God is. However, this is so far ahead of you so it is impossible to measure in time.

The concentration should now rest only on knowing the love for yourself, your world and everything you encounter on your way. It is to the kingdom of love that you now take your steps. A golden kingdom with a golden yellow glory shining around the Earth and all its inhabitants. It is when you choose love and only love in your life that you take the quantum leap into this realm of light and love. It is now ready for Earth and its inhabitants.

Fill yourselves with love. Light up your glory so that we can see its golden yellow clear color.

Great love


Translation to English by EraofLight.com

» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg