The Sun Enters Aquarius

stars bright eraoflightdotcomThe Sun enters Aquarius on January 20th at 9:54 AM EST. The sign of the collective, the future and the outsider is energized. There is a contradiction in this sign: it symbolizes friendship and the collective but also the fringe dweller and the rebel. It is possible to combine these energies if you consider that its main qualities are detachment and logic – observing without judgement while viewing the group from a distance. Even the most social Aquarian has an isolationist (or introverted) streak. It’s difficult to be completely part of society when you see its issues with such clarity. But at the same time, almost anyone is worthy of a conversation or two.

Aquarius season is the time to consider where you fit in, where you don’t fit and how you are an individual. Who are your people? The Aquarian ideal says that no one is too “different” or “weird.” We are all on the outside in some way – there are places where we simply don’t belong. Thank goodness for this, or else we’d all blend together into one bland, colourless mass.

While this is considered to be the sign of the rebel, I find that radical disruption is expressed more strongly with aspects to Uranus (Aquarius’ ruler). The sign itself is about the future and detachment from the past (and traditions). Aquarius in your chart is where you can look ahead, break with tradition and experiment. None of this has to be groundbreaking- as the Sun moves through this part of your chart, consider trying something new or leaving behind what feels stale.

Here are the aspects the Aquarian Sun will make:

Jan 24th: New Moon in Aquarius (4 deg)

Feb 9th: Full Moon in Leo (20 deg)

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