P’Taah: Unconditional Love

divine love eraoflightdotcomQ: P’taah a friend asked me, What is unconditional love? And how does it work?

P’taah: All right, that is a very good one because what you call love, very often, we would not call love, eh? You know, love is simply another name for goddess/god. Love is the building block of existence. Love is whole and complete within itself, and requires no return.

So you may say that when you express love, and you express love which requires no return, you are expressing the goddess/god-ness of you.

When it comes with conditions, that is a different thing altogether. That does not mean that you cannot love somebody, or care deeply. But, you know, in the truest love and appreciation, and awe and wonderment simply at the wholeness of love, you get an idea of what is unconditional love, hmm? And our desire for each of you is that you will know unconditional love for who you are, as a perfect expression of goddess/god.

When you think about who you are, you very often edit who you think you are because much of who you think you are does not, in a way, come up to standard, is not good enough. And you think of what you would call the not so nice bits, or the bad bits for some of you, or the things that you have said and done and thought that were certainly not of love.

And so you will not acknowledge, you will not embrace. But when you understand that all of those, what you would call negative aspects, were simply born out of fear that you were not enough, then indeed you can open your heart, you can look honestly at who you are, acknowledge it, and acknowledge the fear that created these thoughts and actions which were not as whole as you would have wanted.

And be in the understanding that all of this, all of this, comes from that small portion of you which has forgotten the truth of you: that you are perfect, that you are eternal, and that you are the most wondrous expression of goddess/god.

And when you can look at who you are and love that expression of goddess/god that you are, then indeed you are coming to really understand unconditional love.

Q: Choosing physical reality was a tough thing to do wasn’t it?

P’taah: Oh indeed, indeed, and as one beloved friend said, you know, this be-ing in physicality is not for sissies! (laughter)

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Jani King / Channeler of P’taah Messages