Archangel Uriel: An Orderliness

archangel uriel image eraoflightdotcomJim: In this last class, we expanded the radiation level. We raised the energy in the first, second, and third chakras into the fourth. We took it back down into the first, added color and radiation and then brought it back up into the fourth chakra again. That created a harmonic resonance that could be held much more comfortably. This created a state that was more anchored. Is that what you noticed too?

Uriel: Yes.  As the physical vehicle is able to operate within that radiating field of the color red, and the vibratory rate of the physical vehicle is increased, many things change in health. A state of well being of the physical vehicle is exponentially increased because the vehicle is able to sustain the presence of the radiational components of the color red. This comes through the second Ray of Creation.

The excitement of the energetic components increases the vibratory rate of the entire electromagnetic field. Because of this excitement, or vibration, an orderliness comes into the electromagnetic field that was not available prior. You did have much random, energetics and expressions taking place. Some of the randomness in that field, however, was orderly, which allowed you to grow your consciousness. Some of it was erratic and caused great difficulty in overcoming the patterning that is expressed in third and fourth dimensions.

These components in the electromagnetic field and in the energetic system of the body are becoming altered and more resonant with the fuller essence of the Soul. You and your students are able to maintain the fifth dimensional awareness and usability because a format, or container, has been created to hold those energetic. They are held very stably within the consciousness and within the physical realm of the body. And the Earth. As you alter those vibratory frequencies and therefore the state of well being and vitality within the body, you are also altering that within the Earth. You will not notice immediate results within the Earth like you will notice in your own consciousness and in your own physical body, however. Do you see?

Jim: I do. I do. At the same time what I experienced was the density in the physicalness open up. It’s as if the particles moved further apart. There was more of an orderliness and fluidity. And a stabilization of, and an identification with, that first Ray of Creation. The will of Creator.

Uriel: That is true. It is an identification with the first Ray of Creation. This is made possible through the stepping down mechanism of the second Ray and the color vibrations and color radiations that are held within that Ray.

Jim: Yes. And, as the particles begin to be more vibrant, density falls away. There’s more of an orderliness in the physicalness. What I also noticed was it allows for stress and the disorganization in the mental/emotional body to be simultaneously cleared. An orderliness was formed there that had not been there before, right?

Uriel: You are absolutely correct.

Jim: So the merging of the mental, emotional and the spiritual with the Soul, plus the dense carbon element of the physical being changed are really all a simultaneous process more than a linear process.

Uriel: Yes. Very much so. You cannot approach this linearly. It is too massive and too energetically complex for you to approach it that way.

Jim: Yes. I just like to point those things out sometimes because many of the students hear it differently. I like to create as much variety in the message as possible.

Uriel: Oh, most definitely. That is very wise. Even though they think they understand, sometimes if it is said differently and the languaging is altered a little, they get it in a much more expanded way. It is very helpful to alternate and to bring in various ways of communicating the same thing.

» Source » Channel: Joan Walker