Explosion of Divine Perfection

divine love eraoflightdotcomCollective unconscious is stirring, opportunities for perceived misunderstandings, like a fuse lit to create the explosion of Divine Perfection, there are no misunderstandings when viewed from an expanded awareness as all becomes data assisting each in aligning their field to enable the physical body vibration increases that are required when requesting to follow the path of light.

Truth, which is nothing more than a frequency implodes from within, reactive to the reality to receive it’s mirrors for the bearer to See where there exists unconscious programming held within the many systems that run throughout our physical, and due to the light speed we are travelling what we find are the lowest of vibrations are rumbling through the fields, anger, bitterness, hatred, and yet whilst this energy brings up the most incredible wave of stress and internal damage when left to loop, it can also be the most healing and transformative for those with the Eye to See and with the wisdom to use it as the final wave to surf. When we take this final wave, it doesn’t mean these rumblings are not seen, or felt, it happens in the periphery of the field if you like, each becomes aware of the disturbances, such as the world stage, perhaps the town residing in, but the personal space continues to hold the most Divine stable frequencies, and it is in this space that all has purpose, nothing is personal, and peace emanates.

And as many begin to awaken their mind once more, to the fact there is MORE and leave the belief systems of old, this wave could well be the one to catch for the ride of your life

The moon is now moving past Jupiter and tomorrow will meet with Saturn and Pluto before the New Moon in Aquarius on Friday. The spectrum will be so very apparent as the powerful energy will trigger the cellular memory system, a collective bell ringing in which the frequency of truth held will sound, creating more opportunity to see the rewards of what we reap.

The knowing within increasing in volume, and again, some flow without question or resistance, some simply observe with no action which creates resistance, some know, see, hear and feel and choose to avoid.

And the choice as to how to move through dictates the experience. More perceived pain/stagnation more unconscious programming to clear and attachments to release, otherwise everything simply expands, as it has been learned to honour the process.

In the beginning everything that presents is taken as the data to learn how to choose conscious, in the very beginning we don’t even see choices, then as we move through the mind awakening stages and phases we learn we have choices but most often choose not to take it, and through this we learn of our attachments to social programming, the contradiction of this creates the mirrors of misalignment, as the declaration to be “woke” becomes a responsibility and we are taught to mature, to become accountable and this begins the vortex that spins to dissolve the lower unconscious vibrations held.

We learn rapidly that to be non active or choosing to loop when we “know” better creates powerhouses of discomfort through dis-ease in all ways.

And so we go through “time” remembering to stay awake, remembering the pain of poor (lack based) choices. And this “time” of course has now shown itself to also be a choice, as when I began this process I had no one to ask, I had no mentor, or book to help me, I learned through self discovery and repeated looping, almost deathly experiences in some cases.

This is why I share the keys I discovered along the journey, so now “time” can be a choice too for each who is seeking, it’s no longer necessary to figure out what has already been realised and actualised. All that is required is the commitment to take the key and use the method to release, hence why we will see the awakening on mass over this next 10 years, specifically the next 5 as it blasts with a force like a rocket.

Unlocking, detaching, releasing and dissolving now with the wisdom that is here allows each of us to experience the magic in now time, as we release weight, we allow the speed and the once perceived chaos shows in its actual truth, that it was magic all along.

Use this energy, to move you, align your field as you go, grasp the data floating past, clear the debris from your path. Realise the toxins in your cosmic stream and discover the cause for this pollution, and then correct it.

Balance the PH….perfect happiness

Investigate YOU, become your very own climate change project from within, all is a reflection anyway and what you shift within assists our planet also.

We are on a cosmic clear up mission, and the code is :

At first we feel, so shift up a gear into deal, then we can all INjoy the magic of heal.

All is a process and if “allowed” the result is progress 💙💙💙

Sharing some goat love….and even I received a BUTT on that day, right knee and shin, I wasn’t acting upon what I already knew in my heart.
Loop was learned and never repeated 🐐

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