Humanity Trajectory Update

light waves eraoflightdotcomI was shown latest overall Trajectories for humanity on 21 January 2020. The Trajectory shown in August 2017 hasn’t changed, just that I have additional information to add to it. For the benefit of newcomers to this wall, I’ll explain both sights, of 2017 and 2020.

DRAWING 1: 2017:
Was shown three consciousness paths, chosen by each human. There are two outcomes. 3D Consciousness experience and 5D consciousness experience (some will be present in 5D physical body but with a higher consciousness than 5D). 4D is traversed once Awakened. 4D is a temporary timeline only. It is the process of Ascension; The multiple ascension stages, initiation stages, that allow human expansion of energetic Hertz frequency, in order for the four bodies (emotional, mental, etherical, physical) to clear, balance, expand, merge together, for existence as a 5D frequency (or higher). It was shown the time period for each human entering 4D varied. Some have a straight path through 4D to 5D, not stopping for distractions. It was shown some choose to spend more time in 4D to explore the ‘branches of the tree’ and gain more detailed knowledge of 3D/4D experiences. When ready, each in 4D individually energetically jump to the straight path (spiral) of the 5D Trajectory.

DRAWING 2: seen 21 January 2020: LATEST SIGHT:
Trajectories exactly the same as shown in 2017, but with added data, seen in ‘Drawing 2’ as the red dotted lines.

1] It was shown that some awakened lightworkers currently on the direct 5D Trajectory, are choosing to energetically jump into the 4D Temporary Timeline Trajectory. They are in divine and pure service to the whole. Choosing to now HELP REPAIR distorted behaviours within the 4D. Put more crudely but as I was shown, they want to help ‘clear up the mess’ created within 4D, by energies that are still distorted, and acts of creation from that distortion of Service to Self, Power over, Control by newer means, within 4D.
As a side note, the temporary timeline of 4D we each travel, always allows for CHOICE again and again. Nothing need be judged for it’s just each’s choice. None of our business. But to rise higher into the 5D Trajectory, false or delusional choice, will by ascension design, have to be seen by the person if those choices aren’t serving their highest, chosen Trajectory. There can be blindness and/or, DELUSION within the 4D timeline, not helped by the astral planes that open up more for us when traversing 4D. Choices we make, are of integrity or not of integrity. Choices can serve the individual or the whole. Choices can be to discard old (false) rules yet create newer (false) rules. Choices can be made to allow the dream or control the dream. Choices can be to empower within or seek power without. Sometimes, energetic skills enhanced in 4D can and are exploited (as in Atlantian times). In other words, 4D solid world, together with the accessible lower 4D astral planes, allow for playing fields of choice, for each to explore, examine, experience and choose again. We master the astral planes by LOSING FEAR. Otherwise, the astral planes play mischievously and ultimately affect our balance, denying us zero point. There is exploitation, service to Self, power over, control over, integrity not fully understood, within the 4D Temporary Trajectory that primarily fools many an awakened being. Unfortunately due to Programme mind patterns of ‘How we learn’ and also ‘How we learn to choose’, we tend to learn the hard way. We can learn HUGE WISDOMS and HIGHER TRUTHS through seemingly enjoyable experiences too, but these we tend to not see through, due to our inbuilt pattern of learning. We can also appear (bear in mind everything is actually perfect) to cycle and get stuck, side-tracked within 4D. So, these incredibly kind and generous souls will be assisting with helping others to see the ‘blindness’ too.

So, some Souls already heading direct to 5D, are now choosing to temporarily divert off the 5D direct route, and assist in 4D. Their frequency is so pure and so high, they are choosing to be presence in 4D, in order to assist the movement of MORE humans OUT of 4D, onto the 5D Route.

2] This is stunning…People UNAWAKENED, that we could describe as ‘in 3D’, are ACTUALLY on the 5D Trajectory. I always knew many would still wake up, but seeing this visually has elated me. Because they don’t know it! They are headed to 5D, on that Trajectory, STILL asleep! It’s amazing. How and when they awake, I don’t know, but they are on the 5D Trajectory. They travel with the awakened. I can only marvel at the infinite design of all this.

3] Finally, for this update, in relation to Drawing 2…let’s talk about 5D.
It is NOT one frequency. It has a frequency range, just like all dimensions do (ultimately there are no dimensions, it’s all LIGHT CREATED illusion created by Source, but I speak of Dimensions in order to differentiate our experiences and energy frequency). 5D is therefore a variable bandwidth, as all dimensions have a set of energetic parameters of Hertz, and are also non static, dimensions flow and weave). Therefore, the experiences people have, and the capabilities will vary. Each will be doing as per their soul choice, chosen before incarnation. They give of their gifts, out. The variety is stunning and yet it all works together as one of Unity. Just as bees and a hive of one consciousness. There will be some distinct differences though. Where some are more Earthly bound, doing on the ground. Where their ELEVATED CONSCIOUSNESS is more on and within the solid world experience. Some, will be with a physical body, but will have permanently a consciousness beyond the 5D. These people will be less IN the world, work more with ENERGIES, alchemy, light, yet they will still have a physical body. This variance of frequency within the new humanity ALL serves the WHOLE, where each have an equal role to each other, each doing what they LOVE, each being honoured for their uniqueness, each being connected within to Source in their own way…the combination of each serving from their own CHOICE, blends together to build and create the NEW world in the Golden Era. A build of NATURAL alchemical, energetic ways FROM WITHIN the HUMAN, that don’t yet exist in 4D or 3D except by some artificial means. Natural alchemy grows WITH the person’s own individual frequency expansion. Bare in mind each dimension is LIGHT, pre-designed, so dimensions don’t expand, our CONSCIOUSNESS EXPANDS. Thus we rise to another field of frequency for those experiences available within that new field of higher hertz frequency. Each dimension is designed with Light encoded energetic patterned seals to safeguard and ensure no manipulation can occur in 5D and above.

Please just take what resonates, and discard the rest, so that you keep to YOUR own path and empower from within yourself (it’s the only way). This post is just a sharing of data.

Take care,
One Love
Amanda Lorence

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