Vivamus(Sanat Kumara): Earth is Changing

changing world greater good eraoflightdotcomI’m Vivamus. I am delighted that everything on Earth is changing / turning in and out at this moment. You know the change is already here, but sometimes it’s hard to believe it. The revelations that now come to the surface cause any doubters on the return of the Light to almost lose the spirit of attributions. I predict Vivamus.

Despite the apparent chaos, a sense of peace begins to spread over the earth’s surface. The peace my friends start in your hearts. You have found through your innermost peace within yourself, through yourselves, your Higher Self / contact with your essence. Enjoy the peace, enjoy the rest in your interior. Many of you, based on your choice, will be very involved in the work on Gaia’s continued development. Take the opportunity to recover, to charge the batteries with the peace and love that you can receive large portions of now, from your Self and from us, your constant helpers.

Be proud of yourself and what you have accomplished and enjoy the moment. You are never alone, you now have close contact with each other, you bearer of the Light. You stand there all united before Mother Gaia’s transformation. None of you are worth more, you are all equal you have understood. You do the assignment that you once signed up for. You are exceptionally strong, unbelievably beautiful where you stand in the rays of Light.

I love you all and follow you constantly with your other friends here, close to you.

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» Source » Channel: Kerstin Sisilla