New Moon in Aquarius; The Time of Soul Retrieval

energy waves eraoflightdotcomWe are finally on the other side of the Eclipse portal and the recent planetary stackups.

Most of us are breathing a sigh of relief as we welcome in the Aquarian energies that are lightening the density and lifting our vistas toward new possibilities.

With Uranus squaring this *NEW MOON* in Aquarius, we may feel sparked with a revelation or a strong knowing from within about something connected to our most cherished desire or dream. Venus presence is felt, like a jewel in the heart.

Sometimes what can feel most electric about coming into clarity with our truth, are the steps necessary to walk in that truth.

What is different about this time rather than in the past is that we can no longer maintain the status quo. It’s like the universe is precipitating the change that’s necessary.

Facing something head on with open communication, transparency and compassion brings integrity to our relations. The more honesty we can bring, the more we claim our hearts as we allow others the same freedom.

Right now, we the people, individually and collectively are moving through a time of Soul retrieval, where we are taking our power back.

As individuals, we are claiming our hearts and owning what we know deep down to be true for us.

As a collective, we are reconnecting with our primal relationship to our Mother Planet and the web of life that we are a part of. There is so much power there.

Our indigenous brothers and sisters across the globe can teach us so much about the tremendous real power and beauty of engaging with Mother Earth in a honoring way.

For the Mother and the Feminine demand to be honored and respected, not shunned. And like Eris, and all the Feminine archetypes making their impression in the collective consciousness of this time, she will stand her sacred ground.

There is electricity in the air, but we must become the grounding rods, like Feminine energy of the Earth that embraces us with her love.

With all my heart!
~ MM

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