New Moon in Aquarius

aquarius eraoflightdotcomThe Aquarius New Moon takes place on January 24th at 4:41 PM EST. It’s at 4 deg Aquarius and squares Uranus (ruler of Aquarius) in Taurus.

That’s a lot of Aquarius.

A square to Uranus indicates a crisis (square) that hits suddenly or unexpectedly (Uranus). Don’t be scared by the word “crisis”-it’s a vehicle for clarity or detachment from what no longer serves you. This new beginning could be about you choosing to do something radical. Or, the radical will come at you and you’ll have to respond. Uranus’ transit of Taurus is about freedom from old habits, approaches to finances or values. So this will be part of the theme – a disruption to income, a new source of income, a jolt to your ingrained habits or a challenge to your values.

You will be pushed (or will choose to push) away from what used to represent stability.

The Moon in Aquarius suggests moving towards the future and detaching yourself from issues of ownership or possession. Whatever you’ve been clinging most tightly to (including material possessions) will be challenged. You may have to re-evaluate what you own. You may be gifted with a shot of clarity regarding what self-esteem really consists of; a fresh and non-judgemental definition. Maybe you’ll choose to abruptly reject your old values.

Whatever happens, the initial energy will be a bit jarring. Squares to Uranus are never easy, even if the outcome ends up being in your favour. But consider that the strength of the shakeup is equal to the necessity for freedom. There’s something deeply ingrained or stagnant that requires a kick. After the initial shock, you’ll be starting out in a fresh new chapter with few or no rules. This will be truly liberating and how it proceeds will be up to you.

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