Sometimes I Too Have To Be Blunt About Things

Greetings Friends. I am here for one paragraph, or less. If there are still parasites breathing on this planet, than the energies are not strong enough, the vibration is not high enough. Thank you!

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  1. John

    I understand your feelings that things aren’t moving quickly enough…however, the concept of time is largely irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. Just a few minutes ago, I was quietly sitting and thinking of nothing in particular, when the most intense wave of peacefulness and warmth struck me out of the blue! I realized in that moment that everything is moving in the right direction, and we have absolutely nothing to fear, nor to get upset about. The flow is happening, and all we have to do now is ride the wave. Forget about all the apparent negativity, since that is all the news sources ever focus upon. Rise above it, and soar effortlessly into the new perceptual realm!

  2. Doug James

    Agreed!! Turn up the energies take them out and force all to awaken! No more delays no more waiting people are either going to wake up or not.

  3. Daedalus

    Agreed .

    Regardless of the context – “rip the bandaid off” .

    Were far beyond the threshold where it could result in anything massively detrimental from what I see …

    Its very understandable to many what needs to be done for a major change to open up in physical , on global level . Let the current financial system to collapse , and replace it with temporary transitional one that saturates everyone with material “currency” so that their mentalities would be defocused from misery and to enable the new technologies to step in to make the money obsolete … thats not only how you make the money obsolete and accelerate the massive change of mentality – its also a new opportunity for many to change their focus and work onto something with true passion .

    Until then , many are focused on this – and they do not have much choice regarding to choose their path . Many do have families to take care of …

    Despite understanding the benevolent intentions of many sources – I have also found them very disconnected from the current situation . The pressure on the people globally needs to be removed for many to awake fully … otherwise you have a smaller “enclaves” of those becoming ready .

    Many are mentioning how internal change changes their external situation – and thats very true . But many are also forgetting that majority of people feel like they do not have a choice – they keep revolving around the same point in same survival struggle . So why not awake the rest of the humanity through a financial collapse and reset ?

    It doesnt matter if it will be more unpleasant in short time , it matters more to stop the continous loop of suffering …

  4. Doodie Cee

    Agreed on the interference of the Galactics blocking our rays. It must stop now. The strongest will survive these energies, evolution will take care of the rest.
    Thank you for your insights.
    Blessed be.

    1. EraOfLight Post author

      Greetings Doodie!

      A couple of thoughts…

      Anchoring of more light is a must. The numbers of people and the frequency of group meditations need to increase.

      Whatever the Galactics are doing to minimize the impact of the higher energies coming to Earth MUST STOP NOW.

      The light being released by the Central Sun and our Sol must not be altered, changed, or interfered with at all by anyone any longer.

      I’m certain there’s more that can be done.