Energy Update; Fulfilling Your Divine Mission for Mother and Father Creator

it is time eraoflightdotcomAs of Dec 28th/2019, all systems are a GO for You. Signs such as the Divine Mother/Feminine numbers 13 and 31(31 represents the dimensional inversion of the Divine Feminine into unprecedented areas of Divine Prowess ever known in the lower dimensions, ie; 3D, AND TO TAKE ON AN EQUAL AND COMBINED ROLE OF CREATION WITH THEIR DIVINE COUNTERPARTS WITHIN THE DIVINE UNIONS), depictions of Divine Mother in the skies, Lioness image upon the Sun/Son, and much more, is Your Divine Call to Higher Action and Service. There is to be no hesitation with this cue You are Given, the Divine Mother aspect within You ALL, Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine alike, must answer this call without haste.

There is NO turning back and this is Divinely assured, as the Human layers come off revealing Your True Divine Identities. This requires You ALL to step into the Higher Roles, erase any remnants of doubt, and leap forward if You must leap. To resist is futile and quite energetically draining, old ways of receiving Your Individual Guidance, changes to a much Higher Direct Connection upon accepting and Gracefully fulfilling Your Divine Position here at this time. The Consciousness is Activated to Higher Degrees by stepping into this role, where information/Guidance is more clearly received and perceived by You. You receive more of Your Divine Memory back, Your Power, as well as NEW to You, Angelic Gifts that You Activate within You to much Higher Degrees to assist in fulfilling Your Higher Mission.

Whereas the Divine Feminine has been Empowered to levels upon anything ever known in Human written history, further access and enhancement to Their Power goes as such;

In eradicating any energetic remnants of Patriarchal Suppression, old boundaries and protective measures MUST come down and be eliminated from You action and state of Being. Any form of defense once required by You will BECOME a hindrance and separation from Your Absolute Prowess unless Mastered in this NOW. The old way of feeling You must protect Yourself by boundaries and other defensive modes are derived from the fear aspects and is a lower-dimensional fear response. ABSOLUTE DIVINE PROWESS COMES WITH THE ABSENT OF FEAR/NEGATIVE. You are the Co-Creators of this NOW and going forward that Creates the Heaven on Earth scenario, in the least, and as a POWERFUL CO-CREATOR, One must NOT be contaminated with any lower-dimensional states, like fear and negativity. You are reminded that fear comes in many forms, from impatience to being annoyed, to worry, etc, as well as the lack of Trust, which is doubt. You MUST BELIEVE in Yourself and Your Divine Connection to ALL THAT IS, WHICH INCLUDES MOTHER/FATHER CREATOR. You MUST Trust this fully, even if You may not fully see this yet, for the trick to get there to Your Absolute Power, is through TRUST AND YOUR FULL SURRENDER TO YOUR DIVINE MISSION, THE DIVINE PLAN, AND YOUR DIRECT CONNECTION TO CREATOR.

The FREE EXPRESSION of the Divine Masculine MUST BE ACCEPTED BY YOU THE DIVINE FEMININE, to allow Them to rise in tangent with You. If You were to continue to expect of Them, YOU WOULD BE CONDITIONING THEM BY YOUR EXPECTATIONS, WHICH IS A FORM OF SUPPRESSION. For the high levels of power that some of You have obtained, Your actions have a DIRECT IMPACT UPON THE COLLECTIVE CONSCIOUSNESS WHICH INCLUDES THE UNAWAKENED MASSES. You increase Your Co-Creator abilities by letting go of the old ways and embracing the free confident Divine Flow of You, You NO LONGER need to control things in Your existence here manually, You are ABLE TO CONTROL situations Higher, BY NOT CONTROLLING THEM( some exceptions do apply in Higher Divine Cases), by feeling You must control something now, is from a place of mistrust of Your Divine Path and full surrender that will loop You until it becomes unbearable and then You blatantly see that the direction is to be toward TRUST AND FOLLOWING THE DIVINE PLAN/ROUTE TO YOUR POWER, in the least.

ALTHOUGH THIS MISSIVE IS DIVINE FEMININE ORIENTED, IT IS GENERIC WITH THIS LEVEL FOR MASCULINE AND FEMININE ALIKE. The Divine Masculine MUST PLAY THE ROLE OF THEIR FREE EXPRESSION TOWARDS THE FEMININE. You ALL are the PROTOTYPES FOR THE NEW REALITY, the timeline is Your Creation, Create the HARMONIOUS RELATIONSHIPS AND INTEGRATE THEM INTO THIS TIMELINE FOR YOURSELVES AND ALL OF HUMANITY. To conceal emotion or restrict expression, is a fear-based act and it must go, it begins with You, is reflected within Your Partner, and ripples out to the Masses, changing EVERYTHING.

Divine Unions are presently called upon for the Highest Divine Service upon Gaia ever known.

Creator is both, Father/Mother, and to Create in these lower dimensions, it takes two, Feminine and Masculine Energy. This is where the Divine Unions become so IMPORTANT in this NOW. There are several levels of Co-Creation/Manifestation, ALL levels require BOTH energies to Create one thing. Be it a self-manifestation, it requires One to have a reasonable level of BOTH Feminine and Masculine energies Activated within them. With larger Creations, it s done in groups. In larger yet Creations, it IS DONE THROUGH DIVINE UNION.

With the Activation of the Creation Power Source for this Dimension and the next, the Orion Portal, on Dec 28th, 2019 Linear Time, the ORIGINAL 13 TWIN-FLAME PAIRS are called to Service, as well as the 939 Twin Flame Pairs subsequently Created/Empowered since 2012 Linear Time, for this very reason and NOW, TO ENERGETICALLY CREATE AS DIVINE REPRESENTATIVES OF MOTHER/FATHER CREATOR. The Global positioning of these pairs is equally IMPORTANT AS YOU GO INTO HIGHER CREATIONAL MODES. The pairs MUST be together in PHYSICAL UNION, because of the Energetic Prowess of these pairs HAS INCREASED, ANY SEPARATION CAUSES INSTABILITY OF THIS REALITY AND IT PHYSICALLY GETS REFLECTED INTO GAIA HERSELF IN THE FORM OF EARTHQUAKES AND NATURAL DISRUPTIONS. STABILITY MUST BE SUSTAINED TO SMOOTHLY STEER THIS TIMELINE. SOME Twin Flame pairs/PARTNERS are being repositioned for STABILITY REASONS.

You are to get informed to the fullest degree upon Sacred Divine Unions and any material pertaining to such.

The massive transmutation of fear/negativity by the Collective was completed on Jan 26th, Linear Time. This massive transmutation was necessary to allow for the alignment of planetary vibration to accommodate the DIVINE UNIONS, whereas the Divine Unions are NOW more readily ABLE TO DIRECTLY AFFECT/EFFECT REALITY EXPEDITING THE OVERALL ASCENSION PROCESS.

For MOST of You, the inner work has been completed. Many of You entered the huge Masses transmutation period which began approximately 7 weeks ago of Linear Time. Many of You entered this process, mostly unbeknownst to You, with YOUR INNER WORK COMPLETED PRIOR TO THE ENTRY. For those of You wondering why old things resurfaced that You knew You had Mastered and laid to rest, THERE WAS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU INDIVIDUALLY, You were JUST TRANSMUTING FOR THE MASSES. Some of this INTENSE transmuting was done on an Individual basis, AS WELL AS ON A COUPLE BASIS, which had powerful Divine Couples working as a team to transmute, and also UNBEKNOWNST TO THEM WHAT WAS OCCURRING AT THE TIME. Old patterns/ways were NOT COMING FROM ANY INDIVIDUAL THAT HAD their inner work done previously, it was not THEIRS, they were transmuting for the Masses which resulted in it surfacing to be transitioned/reconciled.

Every Soul played a role in the transmutation process to some degree, with many physical symptoms arising as the energetics were reflected into the physical, as well, for many. To achieve this very important and huge transmutation, the transmutation was done within the physical vessel BECAUSE IT HAD TO BE TRANSMUTED FROM AND ON THIS CURRENT PLANE/REALITY THAT YOU ARE CURRENTLY DIVINELY WORKING IN AND ON. This transmutation COULD NOT be done from the Etheric level, it HAD TO BE DONE HERE ON THE GROUND, TO DIRECTLY TRANSITION THIS REALITY.

It is to be said here, that “mirroring” for MOST OF YOU NOW, is NOT what it used to be. After One has completed their inner work and sees perhaps a negative aspect, they ARE TO KNOW, that You see this BECAUSE it is to identify within Another an area that You MAY COMPASSIONATELY assist with, AND, it is NOT YOURS BEING REFLECTED BACK TO YOU. You are POWERFUL healers and transmuters NOW like the Christ aspect is, like the Empath is, and this is one of Your Gifts to assist Others, by feeling what is less within them, so that You raise them up from that separation from Their Own Power.

Black Madonnas were installed devices to harness/harvest Creation Energy from the oblivious Souls. These were Dark constructs designed to trick One into projecting Their energy into a device that was actually siphoning them so that the Dark could use this energy for their ill intent. It also had a purpose for the Dark to inadvertently at a subconscious level, extract from an Individual, negative/fear thoughts they had, when one would silently pray to these false god statues, confessing things they felt they may have done wrong in their lives. By praying to a statue for redemption, they were tricked into giving their power away and keeping them in a loop of suppression.

The areas around Gaia where these Black Madonnas were placed, were in high energetic areas of Gaia, on ley lines and nodules of the 3D Grid. They were placed in these areas as so to have the greatest effect on dictating reality by keeping it negatively charged, which got reflected outward from the ley lines and controlled all reality from the fear-based/lower-dimensional energy.

There was also the deeper “Dark Mother” aspect they created as to distort Truth and empower the dark, by subliminally suggesting especially to a feminine that it was acceptable for them to have a dark side, or lesser self-worth, which made the Feminine easier to suppress and control. In this NOW, there is NO dark mother aspect, it CANNOT be any part of this NOW and going forward. Any perhaps benefit of the past no longer serves, as it transitions out of this reality.

In the past, with some miraculous occurrences around Virgin Mother Mary, White, and Black, these miracles occurred as a result of the Individual praying before them and NOT the statue itself. As Creators, a strong belief by One expecting a miracle would Create it, NOT THE STATUE.

You are to bow to no one, especially not a statue, You are ALL One and You ARE YOUR OWN TEMPLE CONNECTED TO CREATOR, STAND TALL.

Love and Light


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