Pay Attention to the Feminine Voice From Within

we are one love eraoflightThere is so much availability in the field as we experience a week of what is to feel like we are balancing on a needlepoint.

This week we really begin to pay attention to the feminine voice from within, the gentle guidance and we learn to take the action in order to experience the stillness of the zero point in which we get to create the most magical structures of light just waiting for us to fill in the spaces with our array of auric coloured frequencies.

The alternative, to tip those scales back into the masculine deaf and blind disconnected ways will bring the alternative, the availability shrivels and resembles something along the lines of shrink wrap, bringing frustration in the restriction.

This weeks energy is dominated by the masculine feminine balancing act of both Eris and Pluto in a square, as is Venus and Mars, with the added energy of Neptune partnering in the pink corner with Venus, and we have the messenger boy, who is sextile Mars whilst sextile Eris, thankfully Mercury now visible has the communication on point, able to translate the codes with ease.

Are you ready to listen, to act?

Because with this unified, creative and highly responsive energy the ability to build something that will stand the test of time is happening with ease. No need to push, just relax the body and allow the channel to open and gently birth the future into existence.

The more relaxed the less complication

Those learning to hold aligned fields may well find much work to be done, constant realignment will be necessary for those with higher attachments and unrecognised programming, and again, the same applies, relax it all down, and allow old portals to close without the static interference, replace the discord with acceptance, however you are able to hold acceptance, this too will highlight more programming in the way acceptance is found and the reasons given to self.

Observation is key.

Caring will be the objective, as many have been left feeling disorientated after the conjunction of the Capricorn Council, however what will be seen is the spectrum or perhaps the varying octaves of the word “care, because in its lowest octaves it’s incredibly reactive and fear based, and whilst the intentions may well be great the alignment must be set, the subconscious driver aligned to unconditional love in order to see the “ideal” manifestations come into light otherwise the reflection of the root will be revealed.

Opportunities to exist within this unified, neutral space.

Cleo the cosmic cat has been showing some odd symbols in my field today and I can only suggest it’s highly important as it’s not something she ever does, she’s up high, on top of kitchen cupboards and the fridge freezer, this is rare, but she communucates to stay within the All Seeing Eye, the most highest of views and to observe from there

We also have something quite interesting in that there are currently two very small sunspots one of cycle 24 and one of cycle 25, this again points to the balance point and to view everything in this moment from on top of the kitchen cupboards, or rather the highest of views, the most expanded aware states.

See the pattern, don’t hone in on the details, there is a new Age entering and everything that was created is soon to dissolve so that the more light aligned can be built in its space.

So much love

Andrea & Cleo

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