Judas Iskariot: Miracles

judas iskariot eraoflightdotcomI am Judas and a lot is happening to the people on Earth today. The same goes for all living organisms on our Earth. You who expect your miracles will experience miracles. It can happen in different ways. It can happen both inside and outside you. Be still in your confidence and see the light that is now manifesting to you.

It is in the present that everything can happen, so be still in the present. Feel the tranquility and timelessness all around you. Try to be in the present today… The decisions you have to make, the things you need to do, make them in your “now” and amazing things can happen. What you thought would be troublesome suddenly becomes easy. Where you thought you were going was suddenly a completely different path, a path that felt better to step on. A new insight and understanding of your life was revealed and you now feel easier about the heart than you have in a long time. Tongue disappears if you give the present a bigger place in your life. I understand that it can be difficult to live in the present time in the time you are in, but every moment you devote yourself to now will give you a great dividend.

Now is the gateway to the kingdom of heaven, it is the way by which you can reach the joys of heaven and become one with yourself and everything that exists. No sorrows resting in the present, only opportunities as far as I can see. It’s your ticket to the Kingdom of Heaven, dear Earthlings, so take a moment every day and try to be in yours now. Feel the joy and hope that spreads within you. Insights like the past is the past and the future is uncertain. Feel the peace of mind that now is all the time you have. Act in your now and you act in faith and confidence because there are no thoughts of failure and no fear of the future. Everything that happens is what happens now. If you act in love for yourself and the world you live in, then it can be nothing but good. Good for yourself and your fellow human beings and, in the longer term, also good for the world and our Earth. It is training and re-training that applies, so it was for me and so is it for you.

It may be difficult to settle in a rocket world, but it is all the more important to try to be still for a while as life swirls around one. Your important decisions may revolve around time, but in timelessness they can take shape in a clear and clear way. Your path will be shorter if you take in the timelessness, what you now call your life, a little now and then preferably one or more moments a day. You want your life to be easier, you don’t want to carry all these heavy burdens you carry day in and day out. It is time to release your backpack and feel the freedom that grows in your body and just want to come out and show you how you can best live your life. Freedom holds love in their hand, so in a way they can never get lost. Together, they walk in timelessness and create miracles upon miracles. That’s where you go now, dear Earthlings. Freedom and love grow in your bodies and they grab your attention. Much of the spontaneity and creativity that happens in your life comes from this radar pair.

Be in the present and listen to yourselves, dear Earthlings. It is there, everything is there within you. Stop today and feel the winds of freedom embrace you together with love. In this now you have everything. Do not hesitate, dear children, you are everything, you have everything, dare to believe in yourself and the world in which you are currently living. Everything can change, it changes with you the moment you are in your now in a timeless which is just.

We love you so much!

Great love,


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» Source » Channel: Ann Dahlberg