Moving Through An Age Shift, From Pisces to Aquarius

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomFrom our leaders squabbling and threating to throw bombs, to mass fires, to now obvious climate change as we move through a Grand Solar Minimum when technically we should be cooler and not warmer as per our current experience. Through to many experiencing their towns and cities begin to erupt in crime and violence and also the fast spreading Corona Virus.

May I remind all once again that we are moving through an Age shift, from Pisces to Aquarius.

Have you researched the Ages?

If not then I highly encourage each to have a full understanding of how this all works, how much perceived destruction or perhaps dissolution is involved, it is now crucial to know exactly the “times” we are moving into and align the subconscious driver into agreement.

Everything shakes, rattles and rolls, and all that holds the frequency of the old beliefs is removed, beliefs are frequencies, which are templates, and these dissolve once the new template/grid anchors and expands, the anchoring happened during the previous solar minimum, and by the solar cycle beginning to heighten and change in activation energy we saw many wayshowers begin their heart awakening experience, and as more awakened during the past decade the new template of the 5th dimension became more powerful.

As the light increases, as more release the programmed beliefs, and figure out how this all actually works the earth experience moves into a Quickening which is why in 2020, mid solar minimum that we are witnessing the world stage begin to mirror the discord back to Earth’s inhabitants.

But there is a way through, to be a part of the new, and to release the attachments to what is visibly dissolving.

It was through my years of connecting with the energy of Nostradamus, in which my dreams led me to study his life, and it was through these studies and transmissions that I was taught about physical body vibration, and the important crucial and yet constantly missed vital key, lost in the Piscean belief systems and social programming.

Being shown the separation, through lack, judgement, and strange beliefs systems held that lead us to value self on how much we can give, through sacrifice, through loyalty or commitments.
All spirituality that has religious roots holds this same programming, and it doesn’t matter whether or not it is thought of in a religious way, the truth is, if it is grown from it, then it too will wither under this new powerful light now entering.

This is why there are abundance blocks in the spiritual arena, abundance being wealth through to health, in all ways, the disconnection now rapidly increasing, the gap between the “right path” and the light path widens.

The light path is the One path, that dissolves all belief systems, attachments and in return we are gifted with miraculous experiences, rapid healing, constant peace and a unlimited store of energy that provides stable focused fields in which we get to create and build the most magnificent Palaces of Light.
And by the way I would have laughed these words off once before, thought myself a realist, and found myself to be my most magnificent abundance block, just from being a happy “realist” ended all ability to play with magic.

My own path didn’t allow me to continue to avoid like some seem to manage, my conviction to seeing imperfection as perfection led me to see nothing but perfection, always, and with this, it materialised, learning not to judge the imperfection slowly gave me realities that there werw no imperfection to judge even if I wanted it, I came to understand how it all worked.

I came to see how there was a form of spirituality that wasnt spirituality as I had come to know it, I even had to invent a new name for my path, whilst i released those attachments to labels, right, wrong, duality, I used the word univerSOULism because it allowed me the space to feel comfortable, but that over time released as everything just became a spectrum of unconscious through to conscious and then it was at this point that it became so very obvious that the path I once thought was all about spirituality was in fact just stories, mind junk and it was through being able to pull back, and realise the books, workshops, and teachers I had tried to follow and study were all as useless as a chocolate teapot and with this realisation I began to seek the path of truth, because there were principles in what I had learned within the stories that did have resonance, I knew there was Divine Truth somewhere encoded inside it all, which led me to learn patterns and templates.

What is found underneath it all is nothing different from our science and psychology classes, it is about biology, chemistry and physics, it’s about the mind, body and spirit, it’s where nature becomes maths and it’s fun and easy to understand and appreciate.

But then if we zip to the most highest of perspectives it’s an Alignment, which fractals out in everything we are and do, it’s a vibration that sends peace through the mind, peace through the physical and the energy reflects peace in the entire field.

Raising the physical body vibration.

Only possible when the mind is fully onboard with the choices, only possible when the intention is pure and not rooted in fear or escapism.

The perfect example could be weight loss diets, its why they don’t work, why people yo-yo, why they become a looping lifestyle, constantly experiencing lack

Understanding why and how is the first step to becoming, naturally, into a state of innerstanding, being the experience of what is known, knowledge to wisdom, mind awakening to heart awakening and it is through this path of learning that the phsyical body vibration will rise.

It’s not done through eating healthy, or being vegan or not drinking tap water, it doesn’t matter how many times one meditates, or if you choose to not digest chemicals, it doesnt matter what you know, because if all of this is from a seed of fear, then fear based experiences will blossom.

And yet, it does become all about much of the above once the fear is removed, difference being is it happens itself once each learns to receive the guidance, through dropping the judgement programming, because there will be times when we must flow into a feed frequency shift, there may be times the body will call for a source, that perhaps the old spiritual ways would have once passed judgement and refused the urgent request because of an outdated disconnected belief.

The key to healing is rooted in the ability to pay attention and to hold patience and yes I will be so bold as to say we can all heal, once we fully understand exactly what healing is.
It’s knowing how this all works, it’s being able to stop the ego need to rush out there to show off our Unhealed Healer “gifts” and tools picked up in the darkness handed most often by the shadowy fortune tellers who tell all they are natural healers, the hall of mirrors, all who identify with healers are healing and are in no way able to heal what hasn’t been healed within, this of course is a huge misalignment.

And yet those who chose to heal, and become the healed healer knows you cannot heal another, knows that nothing and no one is separate and fully understands that it is not healing that’s required but for the field to continue to rapidly rise in frequ2ncy, light is what brings the change, and we each have a responsibility to either speed it up, or slow it down.

So whilst the world shows off it’s chosen clearing modalities, such as fire, dis-ease and war, what we now do is identify this within each of us, and if we discover worry, fear, suffering and victim then it must be fully realised that the frequency held is currently that which is moving through dissolution, a hard pill to swallow, to know the core frequency held is a part of the collective dead wood, preparing for a chop, but it’s a truth pill that will awaken many into a state of responsibility and a high level of respect will enter to begin the Alignment Process, raising the phsyical vibration which results in a life experience devoid of sickness, suffering, and in return gifts One the sound platform to be a pioneer of the new.

Angels The Secret, the wisdom, the max health cheat on your life game, its hidden within you, it’s encoded within each, what we don’t physically like to see out there, we support and heal within, through our self love and forgiveness for our own, personal powerful dis-ease driving programs once held, and we heal this with validation, giving a vibrational increase to experience, and ultimately more light speed to our collective field.

We cannot and would not want to stand in the way of an age in a state of change, but what we can do is fully surrender, accepting all that needs to be Divinely Detached from and with love and compassion send out our light to speed up the process, and as each releases the fear vibrations and enters the healing waters of compassion, what we achieve, together, will be an array of more smoother transitional paths to choose from collectively.

If you would like to journey with me and 79 other committed light pioneers who I share the keys and light gems I have picked up along the light path then send an email over to, and for each who connects and enquires about the SOUL-AR Alignment keys will receive two modules, Karma Dogs and Empowering the Empath.

Join with me, supporting our collective grid from within, healing from the inside out

So much love 💙💙💙

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