The Tree Collective: 5G and Humanity

nature is home eraoflightdotcom*This is a report and discussion by Jahn J Kassl and the Tree Collective.

Walking through the late autumnal Falkensteiner forest I think about how the trees will fare when 5G comes. At a fork in the road there is a strong, big tree and I suddenly feel the need (I’ve never done this before!) to hug this tree. It is a frosty Sunday afternoon, but the longer I spread my arms around the tree, the warmer I feel. Eventually I get really warm.

I close my eyes and ask the tree the question about 5G that keeps me so busy. I feel very sadness, strength and love. The tree soul puts the sentence: “We will do our best!” in my heart.

Shortly afterwards I continue my way. (report ends)

Arrived at home I receive the following message:

Beloved people,

you do not know what you are doing when you are exposed to these radiation fields, but you will see, feel and experience it, for the effects cannot go unnoticed.

I am the Great Tree Soul, Guardian of Life, which is inherent in the trees. Our task was and is to serve you, to serve all life on earth.
Trees serve mankind

We provide the creatures on earth with energy and light, with love and power, so that each creature can follow its unique path of unfolding. We create the climate in which humanity can grow and flourish. We rejoice with you and we cry with you, we celebrate with you and we mourn with you.

The bond between the tree souls and the people is strong and has been able to master many great upheavals.

Not only we have put down roots on the earth, but also you, who have penetrated and penetrated more deeply into the mystery of all being, life after life.

Today, people and trees face the situation of being exposed to very harmful radiation fields.

This exposure has increased over the years and is now becoming so great with 5G technology that we cannot predict how long we can protect people from it.

Trees and forests absorb this radiation, but it is impossible for us to do so permanently, which means that we will lose our roots on this earth and may have to gradually abandon our earthly dwellings on this density of vibrations.

This is not to frighten you, but on the contrary, to encourage you to do everything in your power to prevent the worst.
Love protects you!

First of all, protect yourself from this by becoming aware of what 5G can do to you.

Apply the symbols and recommendations from the Spiritual Realms of Light transmitted to you in a wise and consistent manner – then, first of all, care is taken for a part of humanity. ((See also schungite balls CB10 (will be available again soon!) and bracelets CB10, note JJK))

There are always people who survive the greatest crises and who are not harmed by anything or anyone.

Protect yourself through your awake consciousness, that is, through the vibration of love. Become aware of the situation in which humanity is now and how you yourself can respond to it. BEING GUARANTEED is the key.

The trees, the forests will offer you every possible protection as before, but it is foreseeable that we cannot guarantee this permanently. Even our strength has limits.

Our service of love for this humanity ends where the human being permanently lacks love, understanding and compassion.

We know which influences mankind is exposed to today and which forces are working in the background to your disadvantage. But we also know that you have it in your own hands to steer against them – to STOP and say NO!

Not all of humanity is controlled and manipulated yet. There are still enough free spirits and awakenings that can bring about the change.

It is truly in your hands and for anything that is beyond your reach the powers of light and the natural beings of Earth are ready to support you.

We are one unity – heaven and earth and all that is on earth. Be aware of that.
Connect with nature beings

I invite you to connect with the nature beings, to recharge your batteries and get help.

I invite you to connect with the souls of the trees.

Your embrace brings love in your heart and healing to all people.

We are not lost! When we stand together and when you become aware that trees are living beings who also help you in this situation, then much has been achieved.

Our awareness goes far beyond your imagination and what we always have in mind is: the good of all life and the good of all people.

It will come that heaven and earth will open simultaneously. On that day the souls of the trees will rise and leave their roots on this earth.

Then we will joyfully await the day of return on a higher vibrating planet, because then the great purification, in which the wheat is separated from the chaff, will be underway.

Please never give up standing up for the light, the good and beautiful, for life. Think far beyond a human life and do not let fears dominate you.

Love is fearless, compassion brings peace and truth means freedom.

The days of truth are coming! There is no way around it. The only question is: “Who are you and what do you do when you are called – and what do you know about yourself?”

Let us together give all that is available to us to fulfill our service to life, everything else is in the hands of the Creator and is in the care of God.

We are one, beloved one! Your soul and my soul come from unity.

We differ only in that we remember – unlike most people – who we were, who we are and who we will become.

In deep love we remain with you


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