How Do You Know If Someone Is Telling The Truth

sharewhatyouknow eraoflightdotcomWhen did your lying become as easy as breathing? It is so difficult to understand when the person is telling the truth because most people acquired the skill of lying over their lifespan. Everyone possesses an ability to lie, so there is no surprise that it’s a common form of human behavior. Whether it’s a white lie like “Oh, that new haircut suits you”, or a serious lie concerning crime, fraud, cheating, theft, any type of lie can hurt someone’s feeling.

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Detecting if someone is telling the truth can be a difficult task. There are some really good liars out there that will manipulate you into trusting them wholeheartedly. Fortunately, according to a professional private detective in Sydney, some behavioral cues can help you to discover if the person is telling the truth. However, these indications of truth-telling cannot guarantee anything for sure. The best way is to carry out an investigation that requires data collection, observation, and even surveillance at times. First, try to study the physical and verbal clues to spot a lie, and later, if necessary, turn to an expert for help.

To help you to identify if someone is telling the truth, we compiled a guide to the following signals of common human behavior during a lie-telling that you may find useful.

Facial expressions

One of the signals of lying is that it is difficult for a deceptive person to keep eye-contact. At a crucial moment of lie-telling, people tend to look away or move their eyes around too much. It is also possible for a person to stare at a specific object while lying. Start by asking some basic questions, and carefully observe the eyes of a person in question, then change to the topic of interest and see the eyes give it away. Another potential signal of lying is rolling lips inside a mouth. Pressing the lips together and kind of sucking them in can be a sign that a person is restrained from saying something. Also, watch out for any sudden changes in facial expressions. Anything that differs from a norm is your first sign that something is not right.

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Body language

Look closely at the physical distance that a person keeps away from you. If a person stands further away from you than usual or walks away from you the moment you start asking questions, it may be a sign that the person in question doesn’t want to talk about the topic. Also, look out for hand gestures. People tend to move both of their hands around when they are lying. Fidgeting can be another sign of lying, like too many head movements or rocking their body back and forth. Many nervous people tend to fidget.

Verbal cues

Listen attentively to the speaker as some of the deception cues may be a vague content that leaves out a lot of details, indifference such as bored tone of voice and lack of expressions, or overthinking. Words like ‘umm’, ‘uh’, and ‘hmm’ are an indication of overthinking. People tend to use too many words to fill in the gaps in their stories when they are lying. Also, sudden changes in the tone or volume can be a sign of nervousness and deception.

These signals may help you to understand if the person is telling you the truth or not, but each person is unique and different so the behavioral cues may vary for each individual. If you know the person well, it might be easier to notice the changes in the behavior, but the most important tip is to trust your instincts. Most of the time, we know when something seems off, we feel it in our guts when we have been lied to. On the other hand, don’t become paranoid thinking that everyone is constantly lying to you.

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  1. Michael

    Hi Cheri, nice to see you out and about. Been a bland few weeks here. Butternut is a peach, she is living with the others full time now and has found her place. We are having a very mild winter here with only 2 snow storms so far that needed plowing. Had some really cold snaps that froze everything up solid for a week or two then it was 67 one day and we were in t-shirts. Gotta love New England !
    My brother is still hanging in there, staying positive and trying different things to help himself. He had a scan the other day and his tumor shrank a little in length and got a little chunkier( girth ). I did not know that he has a couple of lesions on his liver but he said that they did not change. Over all he is doing what he feels is right for him. Started using some THC for head aches and stomach issues due to chemo and it is helping him.
    I woke up in the middle of the night last week and I tried to contact you with the code word butternut. I saw an inverted diamond glistening in the dark and herd an odd humming vibration. It was peaceful. Lasted for a while then went away. Been staying even keel and living in the NOW. Looks like spring might come our way early this year. Already thinking about getting piglets in a month or so. We’ll see what Feb. brings us. Sending you and all lots of love in this NOW moment.

    1. Cheri

      Michael! I am soooooo glad to hear from you! I heard your butternut light packet as you must of heard my call as I was missing you in shared spirit terribly lol! and sincerely wondering about your brother. I was wondering how you were feeling as I could sense the blandness which is kinda like this void or giant pause right now. I hear that humming too it is a frequency. Inverted diamond interesting! I think this is my underworld diamond structure which is ruling the glutensphere now hahahahaha! Soon I will merge with my other half which will be the full double diamond sun blueprint. So funny I never expected to be queen of the underworld lol! But somebody had to do it. More and more I am feeling like Lucifer was the goddess energy that was inverted. There is no life in the hell realms, just death and endless suffering and I am honored to evolve them through and bring this to a close but yikes!! But of course I have been offline for almost this entire month due to the bizzare nature of what is running through me right now, can’t even describe it! I guess because it’s all the 100% inorganic stuff. The false glutensphere lol! That’s all I am hearing “false timelines, false energy, false creation, false gluten, false master codes. I saw my Illuminati buddy Rasputin and Hemmingway the matrix manuscript writer fall off a bridge in the astral lol! They have no more connection to the rainbow DNA bridge (omni presence) which is a great thing as they evolve through me now being that their consciousness was holding the frequency codes within their DNA AI programming. So the whole Illuminati gang is getting their fragments back from these timelines. Take it or leave it. As you can see they are still fighting here, just nasty and negative trying to gain back control. I had to laugh at Schumer the other day as he was seen in Congress motioning and talking to a ghost to get out of his seat before he sat down hahahaha! Pelosi mumbling away about this impeachment being all about “time” and “time stamps” which was how they used to control the public psyche with implanted consciousness stamped within the universal time matrix and manipulated the outcomes through subconscious commands within our omnipresence. Anyway super, super intense right now taking absolutely all my energy which is saying something hahahaha!

      Anyway thanks for your friendship it is such a warm connection and it is just great to hear from you always!

      Ps: It is really warm here too this winter 50’s and 60’s. Omg! Piglets, nothing could be more cute than that seriously they are so rambunctious and joy filled! You are such a loving custodian of our earth and her animals. Thank you for your presence!

      Sending you tons of green ray love packets from team Hilarion 💚💚💚💚

      1. Michael

        Thank You Cheri for the energy felt………………………….The Three Stoogers got a lot of their material from watching piglets play and interact. They are a joy to have on the farm……………Then they grow up and become pigs. There is a change that happens to even them due to the matrix. Greed and gluttony take over and thats when the enjoyment ends and they are easy to put into the freezer.

  2. Steve

    Its easy, your higher self knows by their energy when the are telling the truth, their energy will rise. If they are lying then their energy drops. You can simply ask your high self if they were telling the truth using a muscle testing method. I prefer the pendulum.

    1. Cheri

      Right Steve! Discernment is indeed energetic! I find myself more and more repelled by the energy of falsehoods, like a totally non-vibrational match to who I am, and is especially amplified within the ascension process!

      The hardest part for me is not wanting to expose the person to their face as me knowing they are lying because I have compassion for what they are still hiding from self through inflation or denial yet we are a mirror for each other energetically and at some level they can see it is not a vibrational match. However a couple of years ago I got taken for a so called loan. I knew in my heart she was lying to me and would not pay it back yet her circumstances were dire. I was not able to say no which was a big learning point for me and my sovereignity. Now I find less and less of this behavior and those people coming into my reality and really malevolent low vibe people never (except for the work I do in the astral lol!).