A Re-Evaluation: Preparing for a New Earth

a new light shines on mother earth image eraoflightdotcomWe’re in a pivotal moment of change, the energies shifting again this week. On some level, we are still processing the energy gateway of the January 12 rare Capricorn conjunction involving Saturn and Pluto. That transformational catalyst will remain with us in 2020. The big picture is we are collectively involved in preparing for a new Earth. On a personal level this requires us to re-evaluate many things about how we live, what we truly want, and what actions we must take. Continue reading for examples and suggestions of how to navigate this juncture.


A re-evaluation of our life requires inner work – reflection, meditation, and self-investigation. Quite often, since we’re creatures of habit and conditioning, we can have difficulty discerning outdated life patterns and hidden motivations stemming from very old and no longer relevant experiences. Self-understanding indeed is a lifelong pursuit.

What’s different now? We are shifting on quantum levels – so fast that it can be challenging to keep track! This is happening for a host of reasons, which I’ll go into more in my Predictions 2020 eBook being created now.

It’s helpful to become aware of our own shifting, and to observe ourselves in relationship to the world around us. All is changing at lightning speed!

On any given day it can feel like there’s no time, there’s a rapid escalation in time, or that time has stopped in some way. This is all part of living in quantum vs linear. It’s quite an adjustment.

Context for Re-Evaluation

The re-evaluation necessary now is not a one-time thing. This is nothing like some years back when we might enter a new year with a whole list of changes we wanted and new outcomes we wanted to see. If you remember earlier times, you likely can recall intentions and plans you made – perhaps some actions on a few things.

What’s new is the need for regular re-evaluation. We must remain up-to-date with ourselves in order to thrive, find inner peace, connect with purpose, and discover motivation to do things way outside the box. In fact, there is no longer a box.

Don’t let this overwhelm you. Allow this to energize and inspire you! These are the momentous times you were born to navigate and benefit from. It is your birthright, yet you must CLAIM it. That means allowing enough space in your over-the-top busy life for the inner work needed to continually shift as needed. There’s no manual for this. The path is step-by-step.

Not Simply a Solo Journey

The personal growth process involved with life re-evaluation is individual to you. There is a uniqueness to you and how you express yourself in the world. No one else can look at things or do things like you can. Embrace this uniqueness. At the same time, know that you are not alone in this endeavor.

Examples: (1) spirit is always with you, even if sometimes you don’t sense that (2) collectively as a society there are common bonds with others you’ve never met – people like you who are in this same re-evaluation process now; one reason I offer global courses and meditations is to connect you with one another (3) for most of us, there are times when we seek input from a trusted third party, to help us see things about ourselves we’ve been unable to uncover and heal; that’s an essential part of the path in these moments; none of us is an island – it’s okay to ask for help.

Stay tuned. More coming on these themes soon. Meanwhile here’s what I suggest for the moment. First become still at least twice daily and go within – first to clear your mind and then to invite insights about how to begin seeing your life differently. Second become more aware of feedback you get from the world – it’s always there and very helpful – giving you ideas about what in your life is working and what’s not. Third endeavor to develop more self-love and a willingness to do the deeper work involved in changing your life.


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