Greetings friends, KejRaj here!

Like many of you or most of you I should say, I too have been feeling very exhausted for the past couple of weeks or so. I’m feeling quite lost, and though tired, I am unable to rest. It has also become difficult for me to fully express myself. Do to these reasons I have not been able to write the Era of Light report or anything else fr that matter. And a few other things on the blog that I do daily, besides posting.

I’m going to try and take it easy throughout the month of February. Hopefully I get my focus back, some rest, and perhaps some type of a reset.

From heart to heart, KejRaj!

White Winged Collective of Nine: The Old Collapsing

new light human eraoflightdotcomWe are the White Winged Collective of Nine. We are nine in one, one in nine. We are from the ninth dimensional space and from this vantage point we can see from a higher perspective the tremendous progress that

Energy Update: Cosmic Energies

light waves eraoflightdotcomThere seems to be some energy within the collective that feels like a “pause” and I personally feel that it is because there is a lot of reorganization that is about to take place in the physical based off of the shift in