Mike Quinsey: All is Changing

higher self eraoflightdotcomIf ever you doubted that the Earth changes are speeding up, the Arctic Region is attracting a lot of attention for that reason. The potential sea level rises are known and when they become your reality you may be looking at the permanent flooding of low-lying lands.

Fortunately, there is ample time to prepare for such happenings, ensuring that people can be moved to safer areas. Obviously to avoid panic it is sensible to make suitable plans well in advance, and the sooner they are started the smoother the re-location of the people can take place. In time with modern advances such problems will no longer represent such a threat as now, but clearly to be forewarned is to be forearmed.

It is easy to tell you not to worry but the fact remains that your representatives in Space are always aware of what is happening and will in various ways help you. You do not always take notice, and given that you have freewill, there is little we can do if you ignore the help or advice being given.

Our help extends to taking action on your behalf when potential threats exist that could destroy large areas of your Earth. It could occur through natural events or result from Man’s use of dangerous technologies. There is always a point where we would be authorized to intervene on your behalf, and also to protect those who live off-world.

Meantime all over the world people are waking up to their ability to draw attention to their needs and confronting the authorities for action. You are breaking out of the prison that your Earth has become where your freedom has gradually been eroded. Freedom of speech is enshrined in the Universal Laws that protect you, and we will assist you in regaining them.

The old ways of Rule by Force are no longer acceptable and much has to change to truly allow the New Age to manifest. As time passes more souls are awakening to the truth, and those who have held you back must allow the needed changes to take place.

It is no wonder that confusion exists on Earth as the majority of people have little idea of what is really taking place. We say to you stand tall and know that in spite of appearances, all proceeds well, and you will find that events occur that herald the beginning of obvious changes intended to take you further along the path to freedom, and restore your rights.

These are times when people of a like mind need to come together to give strength to their demands. The authorities recognise the changing times but are slow to respond. However, the clamour to change for the better will continue unabated and it must come. Suppression is no longer the order of the day, and the people want the truth and leaders who truly represent their aspirations.

It will shock many people who do not normally seek change to know that life could have been so much better for many, many years, only to have been held back to “keep you in your place.” Well, that attitude can no longer be maintained, and people are entitled to know the truth and benefit from advances enjoyed by the dark Ones, but held back from you.

It is understandable that many of you will wonder what the future holds for you and your families. We have approached this matter previously and our answer remains that families often progress together although a soul who has only joined them for the experience may move on.

Understand that souls do not necessarily advance together as there is no set time to rise up. That is very much an individual thing. Families often stay attached to each other even through several lives, but spiritual progress is mostly an individual thing and when you are ready to rise up to a new vibrational level you need to experience it to further your evolution. However, that does not mean that you need to lose your contact with them.

When you spend your time between lives in the astral levels you are likely to meet many old friends, particularly those you have had a strong relationship with. You have only to “think” their name and it is much like trying to reach them on the telephone, if they receive your “call” and are free to respond they will do so.

Understand that at the level involved, thought is all-powerful. It is at this level that you will discuss your next incarnation with your Guides. The exceptions are those souls that have dropped so low in their vibrations that they virtually exist in darkness with little light, and need help to progress.

If you are well ahead on your spiritual path and feel assured that you will ascend, undoubtedly your vibrations would be so much higher. You would be at a level where you could control your emotions and be an outgoing person at all times in all circumstances. To be so confident of yourself is certain to mean that you have lifted yourself up, and are no longer controlled by your ego.

However, you always have to be on your guard against an unexpected challenge, although you are unlikely to drop your guard. The last thing you want to do is to lose your control, as it may take you a long time to restore your vibrations to the earlier level.

Dear Ones, I will never stop reminding you that you always have help around you and can call upon us if the circumstances warrant it. The warnings are only given because Humans tend to be used to giving vent to their feelings without thought to the consequences. Extreme negativity can lead to illness as the drop in your vibrations leaves you open to it.

You can always walk away from a confrontation without getting involved. After all you do not have to prove yourself for anyone. What other people may think of you is irrelevant as your evolution is more important than anything else. Stay calm and composed as best you can at all times and you will feel all the better for it.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same internal connection with God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.