It Is Time to Embrace the Magnitude of Who You Are

we are now in the era of light eraoflightdotcomThere is much more to you than what the naked eye can see. The one you may identify with who is currently in human form, is but a speck of the vastness of who you are. To understand who you truly are, you need to understand, that you are part of the vastness of all that is in multiple expressions and forms existing in different realms simultaniously. There are aspects of you, that are pure light, tonal chords (music), forms that may seem alien depending on which realms or dimension they exist in. Amongst those are forms that may even seem scary, as they do not fit into the scheme of a humonoid appearance. That however doesn´t make them less real. In fact they are more real than what you perceive yourself as in this physical realm. What we fear most is what is alien to us.

This fear is rooted in the human trait of fearing what you cannot intellectually fathom, that which lies outside your physical grasp. To trancend this fear we need to BE in our heart and feel what can only be experienced. As part of a one-on-one session I saw the most beautiful creature in multiple colour fractals… a piece of art. It was a huge scorpio… and I felt such deep compassion with it and was shown and understood in the depth of my heart, that it has a divine purpose and plays an important role in the higher plan… and that it was made out of love and has no evil in it. It has been put to my attention by the Arcturians on several occasions, that there has been made excessive programming into the collective of “the Predator” (this of course may vary from person to person and express itself in numerous ways) for the purpose of creating fear and division.

It is important at this point, that we erase this separation fear based programming to fully encompass all beings, all life forms as being an expression of love. Love excludes no one and no thing as that would be excluding itself. All is love and for you to embody love all polarity of good/evil prey/predator needs to be erased from your consciousness field.

Our galactic family have mentioned on many occasions that the majority of those that are eager for a close encounter with their galactic brothers and sisters, would be scared “out of their pants” if they would actually turn up in their true appearance. We need to understand that form is just made to function as a container for consciousness, that serves a certain purpose and specifically to “operate” and serve in certain energetical environments. Whether it is on the earth or in the higher dimensions. The difference is, some higher vibrational beings of 6D and beyond can change their appearance at will like the angelics if a situation calls for it.

However our galactic family will not do this, until we have learnt the lesson and we have understood to see beyond form and more so, realised, that they are no different to us, in fact we are one and the same co-existing in different realities and dimensional frequency bandwidths. As such the outer form is just there to fulfill a purpose and what may seem scary to the eye, may seem oh so loving if you feel-in with your heart.

If you allow yourself to envision yourself as your galactic multiple selves, you will feel a deep familiarity and sense of belonging, that cannot be fabricated, even though its appearance may look alien. And if you open your heart to receive its gift of love, you will feel the all-encompassing unconditional love that it feels for you, beyond judgement. It doesn´t judge you because of how you look, as it is not limited by the 3D linear mind-set, which is defined by matter and linear time and because it comes from a vibrational inner knowing of oneness and see you as an extension of self.

This galactic self is eternal and not confined by human form, but is capable to change form thru pure will power and so it was also instrumental in the creation of your current human form. This higher aspect of you is a master of vibration and alchemical processes and love in its purest form.

It is time for you to encompass this vast intellegence into your being. Welcome your higher galactic aspect multiple avatar being(s), open up to connect and commune with it, ask it for guidance and healing. Those that you label and sometimes worship as your galactic family, your space brothers and sisters of the cosmic councils and federations of light, are aspects of you, that have commited to serve in other realms while you play out your role in this human space suit. They are no different to you, but simply another aspect of you co-exisiting in other realms along with many other expressions of you.

It is time to embrace the magnitude of who you are in all your splendor. None excluded. Let the tears of recognition be the evidence and call to unite once again to the holy-ness of who you are in ALL your expressions.

Please join us for the next Arcturian global group activation which is orchestrated for the upcoming auspicious 2-2-2-2 gateway on February the 2nd, where we will connect with and open a starpotal for our beloved soul monad and beloveds to step in and unite their consciousness with our consciousness… a true homecoming to our monadic source self in the vibrational field of the 144000. It‘s time.

In the powerful quadruple 2-2-2-2 gateway we will usher in the next wave of walk-ins, higher dimensional monadic aspects, that have contracted on stepping into to serve the ascended earth and co-creating the new heaven on earth at this time. A true galactic reunion homecoming. If you feel the calling do click on link to learn more or sign up here:

Grace Solaris and the Arcturians and conglomerates of light

~ Grace Solaris and the Arcturians